Bridge (Tuesdays) – February

Our inaugural three round knockout bridge competition was won by Ann Wood and Mary Hill. The next one will be on February 20th at 10.00 prompt.

Our February revision board is titled SQOT (Suit Quality Overcall Test).

When opponents have opened the bidding you have three options: pass, double or overcall.

The main purpose of overcalling is to make it more difficult for your opponents to find the right contract and to suggest a lead to your partner in the event that they nonetheless end up in a contract. Unlike an opening bid, points are not that important. Vulnerability and the quality of the suit you intend to overcall are what matters and SQOT is a method of determining at what level it is reasonable to overcall a suit. Remember, even if you end up with the contract and don’t make it, going down can be better than allowing opponents to make a game contract.

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