Bridge (Tuesdays) – April

Our Easter duplicate (8 pairs – 12 boards) competition is on April 3rd at 10.00 (prompt).

Our next two free and easy mornings with a choice between ordinary or Chicago rubber bridge are on April 24th and May 1st.

Our April revision board is titled bidding 1NT as an Overcall.

Providing you and your partner have agreed to play weak no trump (most common in UK) you can open 1NT with a balanced hand and 12 to 14 points but you need a much stronger hand to overcall 1NT. Remember the other side have already shown opening points and you could easily be sandwiched between two strong hands with your partner having very little so overcalling 1NT with a balanced hand and 12 to 14 points is what Sir Humphrey would describe as “A brave decision, minister.” There are three requirements for a 1NT overcall: a balanced hand, more points than your opening range (i.e. 15 to 19) and a STOPPER in your opponents’ suit. The board explains what is and isn’t a stopper.

John Cameron (tel. 01858 434155)