Bridge (Tuesday morning) – May/June

The winners of our spring duplicate (pairs) competition were N/S Susan Stewart & Marian Mitchell and E/W Ann Wood & Mary Hill.

Our next free and easy mornings with a choice between ordinary or Chicago rubber bridge will be on 1st and 29th May and 5th and 12th June.

Our May/June revision board is titled doubling a1NT opener.

When opponents have opened the bidding you have three options: pass, overcall or double.

The original meaning of double was ‘I don’t believe they can make this contract so let’s take them down for penalty points.’ Very early in the development of bridge another use for double was conceived to show an opening hand with support for any unbid suit. This is known as the ‘take-out double’ which we’ll look at in July. Doubling for penalties is still a valuable tool but your partner needs to know which meaning you’re attaching to your double bid. If you double a bid of one Heart it’s pretty obviously for take-out (too difficult to be sure of defeating such a small contract) and if you double four hearts that’s clearly for penalties (too high to overbid).

In between you must apply some common sense, however there are three circumstances when double MUST BE for penalties. When your partner has already bid, when opponents have bid to game or higher and when doubling a NT bid (how would your partner know what suit to take you out of?) and the board shows which hands are suitable for this bid.

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