Bridge (Tuesday morning) – August 2020

According to the UK government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, the risk of spreading the Covid 19 virus is greatest when people from multiple households (particularly those over 70) gather together in close proximity, indoors, for a prolonged period of time, which pretty much describes what we want to be able to do again on a Tuesday morning but as things stand at present that is still not allowed. He went on to say that while the risk can be mitigated by taking social distancing measures, mitigation is not the same thing as elimination. In the current situation nothing is risk free so at some point (possibly in the autumn according to the PM) we may have to decide how much risk and social distancing we are prepared to accept in order to play bridge collectively again.

I had my first experience of ‘social distancing measures’ when I managed to get an appointment with a barber. What it taught me was that while I was willing to put up with having to wear a face covering for the short time it took to have a much needed haircut I balk at doing so for two hours in order to play bridge.

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