Book Club

‘Restoration’ by Rose Tremain.
Robert Merivel is persuaded to become husband – in name only – to one of King Charles’ mistresses.  He falls from grace when he falls in love with his wife and forfeits both home and status.  He finds work in a Quaker Bedlam and the trials and setbacks he meets with prepare the way for his spiritual and social restoration.  He transforms from being the King’s buffoon, lustful, uncouth and cowardly, to finding that he is more courageous than he had realised.  Tremain shows us the great divide between the 17th century Royal Court and its profligacy and those who struggled to scratch a living.  There was a divide within the group whereby about half of us would be happy to recommend this book while the others demurred.  We all agreed that Rose Tremain shows great skill in her ability to get under the skin of the man’s character.  Cherry Taylor & Anne Cook.