Book Club 2 – May 2020

Our book club is obviously not meeting together but we are talking on line about what we read in April and what is suggested we read in May. The April choice was “Land of the Living” by Georgina Harding. The main characters were quite traumatised by war experiences which led to an unhappy ethos in the text.The median opinion seemed to be that it was hard to get into but very worthwhile. I found it hard to read in the present circumstances and have chosen a lighter subject for May. “The Stationery Shop in Kabul” by Marjan Kamali. We will see if that is enjoyable. As far as I am concerned reading is an escape at the moment, as it always has been during my life!


We hope to be together again soon but in the meantime I wish everyone good health and keep walking as well as reading.


Ronnie Leech