Book Club 2 – March 2020

Book Club 2

In January we read “The Secret Scripture” by Sebastian Barry. This is the second of this author’s books that we have read and this one was received with mixed feelings. It is a story of a young protestant girl in a small Irish village who is bewildered by the violence in the village which causes her father’s death.   After a very difficult life she is locked away in a mental hospital. The resident psychiatrist is a warm and sympathetic man  and there is a sort of happy ending.

In February we read “The Son-in-Law” by Charity Norman. This was received very well indeed and provoked a great deal of discussion on crime and punishment. A young man accidentally kills his wife but on his return from prison he tries to gain custody from the grandparents of his three children. This book was a real page-turner.


Ronnie Leech