Book Club 1 – March

The Prime of Miss Jean Brody  by Muriel Spark

The 1930s

Miss Brodie teaches at Marcia Blaine School.  Her method is unorthodox and frowned upon by the other members of staff.      She has her ‘special girls’ – the ‘ Brodie set’ – to be moulded into becoming ‘la crème de la crème’, totally loyal and unquestioning.  As the years unfold,we learn how successful her project turns out to be.    The author, with humour and  a beady eye, creates an insightful psychological take on the influence of one adult upon a collection of adolescents.

The majority enjoyed the book.  We enjoyed the humour and the concise writing style but did not find it a comfortable read.   We agreed that it has to be read in the context of the education system, strict but questionable morality and political background of the 1930s.  It created one of the best discussions   we have had for quite some time.

Cherry Taylor