Bird Watching (Thursday) – September meeting

According to the BBC weather reports for our September outing, the mist/fog should all have dissipated by 9.30.  Pah!  We all arrived just after 10am at the RSPB’s Frampton Marsh reserve on the Lincolnshire side of the Wash still gloomy in the mist.  A good hour later the mist finally lifted to leave the rest of our time there basking in hot sunshine.  Fortunately, none of this detracted from a memorable day’s bird watching.  The pools were awash (pun intended) with waders.  In no particular order we clocked up avocet, ringed plover, lapwing, ruff, dunlin, snipe, black-tailed godwit, redshank and greenshank, but the highlights were a few curlew sandpiper picked out amidst a flock of dunlin, a couple of spotted redshank and the pièce de resistance, or ‘big finish’ as Tony C called it, a pair of little stint.  Good to see were large flocks of greenfinch feasting on the large patches of sunflowers that were everywhere.
A truly memorable day bird watching.  Bruce White.