Bird Watching (Monday)

The Met Office forecast for the third Monday last month was rain all day which proved to be all too accurate.  When it rains birds tend to tuck their heads under their wings and wait for it to stop, so I decided to follow their eminently sensible example and cancelled the visit I’d planned.  For the past eight years I have been organising visits to local birding sites (within one hour’s drive of Market Harborough) on the third Monday of each month and have enjoyed many hours of pleasure in the company of fellow bird watchers.  However, I have found it increasingly difficult to commit sufficient time to the group and declining attendance shows that the current format has grown stale and lacks sufficient appeal, so this will be my last report on behalf of the group.  Clearly the group needs new ideas, a fresh approach and a new leader.  If anyone is prepared to accept this challenge, do please give me a call, otherwise the group will go into abeyance.  John Cameron.