Beacon News

Do we have your email address?
Are you one of the members for whom we do not hold an email address? If you are, it’s easy to do something about it, ensuring that Group Leaders and the Committee can get in touch with you quickly and easily about activities at SLU3A. Simply email the Membership Secretary, Ian Webb
Storing all our membership data on Beacon (a secure and encrypted U3A database) has enabled us to capture 677 email addresses from a current membership of 1013 (67%). Whilst that is a huge achievement there is some way to go to collect these from all members that do have an email address. In the future, using email will help us to reduce costs as we will not need to incur postal charges: for instance, we can now send all documentation for next year’s AGM by email, only having to post those to members without an email address. This complies with the current U3A Trust guidelines.
Group Leaders can now email people in their groups to let them know what’s coming up or any changes to sessions. The big advantage of doing this via Beacon is, of course, that there a member’s email address is only stored in one place and is up to date. This has already enabled us to sort out some anomalies.
We would also like to emphasise that giving us your email means that it will only be used for communicating with you as a SLU3A member. It will only be shared with Leaders of groups to which you belong. It will be stored securely on Beacon.

Helen Salisbury, Site Administrator for Beacon