Art History – September 2020

For the time being we will continue to share information about TV programmes and useful websites, by email or phone.  Recent recommendations have included ‘Romancing the Stone: the Golden Age of British Sculpture’ with Alistair Sooke; ‘The Riviera: a History in Pictures’, with Richard E Grant and ‘The Art of Japanese Life’, with Dr James Fox.  You should be able to catch these on iplayer if you missed them.  Simon Schama is shining a new light  on ‘Romanticism’ in a 3 part series on BBC 2 which started on Friday 11 September.  We are fortunate to have so much available to be enjoyed from the safety of home.

For my recent course on modern sculpture I was asked to post a photo of a sculpture in my local area. When the canal basin was refurbished in 2000, a sundial sculpture was chosen by public vote from three choices. The favourite design, by Marjorie and Michael Clements, depicts a stevedore picking up a piece of timber on to his shoulder to stack on the wharf. Informally known as “Frank the Plank”, the statue is made from wood and metal and was erected by members of the Old Union Canals Society. Frank works in numerous ways as a sundial and is worth a look.

Stay safe and well.

Angela Deane