Art History – April 2021

The theme for our Zoom meeting in March was ‘Night Paintings’ and once again the group found a variety of paintings to share.  Some artworks used the quality of dim light to create a mysterious atmosphere, while others used the moon or an artificial light source to illuminate the scene.  The use of wet pavements to reflect light from buildings and lamps was a popular technique.  One of the most famous night paintings is ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh.  If you are also a fan of Don McLean’s classic hit, you will enjoy this video

This was filmed at the multi-sensory Van Gogh art exhibition which is touring the world.  It can be seen at All Saints Church, Leicester, when lockdown restrictions are eased.

In April, the theme for our meeting is ‘Gardens’ which has been a recurring subject throughout art history and was especially popular with the ‘Impressionists’.

Angela Deane