Architecture Group programme for 2019

Tuesday 22 January
Belton House, Lincolnshire – History and Architecture  

Tuesday 26 February
Art Nouveau in Vienna
Houses as Places of Work – Toll Booths, Lock Keepers’ Cottages etc.

Hilary, Judith

Tuesday 26 March
The work of John Calvin Portman – American Neo-futurist Architect 
The Contribution of  HRH Prince Charles to the Architectural Debate
Trish, Geoff

Tuesday 23 April
More Tours of English Towns with  Alan Clifton-Taylor(Chichester and Durham)

Tuesday 28 May
Betjeman’s Architecture

Tuesday 25 June
Architecture across the centuries- Northumberland Style

Tuesday 23 July
Some Summer Cottages of New England   

Tuesday 27 August
What did the Victorians ever do for us? – The Great Exhibition and Albertopilis    

Tuesday 24 September
More Favourite Buildings    
Tony; Peter (plus one or two more volunteers?)

Tuesday 22 October
Three more architects   
Any volunteers?

Tuesday 26 November
Quiz afternoon(in teams)  
Colin & Geoff

Tuesday 24 December
No Meeting!  
No Meeting!