Architecture – May 2020

Welcome to the second instalment of the Virtual Architecture Group. I hope that you enjoyed the film “Proud City”. In case you missed it, the film is all about the damage done to London during the second world war and plans to rebuild the city, and includes quite a lot of footage of London landmarks in 1946.

That film was quite anachronistic, and few people do that period feel better than Harry Enfield, so I thought you might like this two minute clip of Mr Cholmondley-Warner talking about the working class.

This second instalment features a programme which is available on BBC iPlayer. There was a series called Architecture at the Crossroads, first broadcast in 1986. The first programme in the series is called Doubt and Reassessment.

You can watch programmes on BBC iPlayer on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other similar device. And you can also watch iPlayer on your TV, if it has a broadband connection. (For further technical advice please consult a young person, but only from a distance of more than 2 metres).

Anyway, I hope you find this programme interesting. I would welcome your comments on this programme, any suggestions about other architecture related films or tv programmes that we could share, and any ideas about how we can keep in touch with each other during the period of social isolation.

Colin Cohen