Architecture group 2018 programme

Architecture  Group                                                                        Programme 2018

Tuesday 23 January Architecture in the time of Jane Austen Glenys
Tuesday 27 February Landmark Trust Properties and their  Refurbishment Trish & Geoff
Tuesday 27 March Lost London Architecture Colin
Tuesday 24 April Kings Cross Station and its environs Dudley
Tuesday 22 May A Look at Three Architects Ernest Gimson(Glenys);  Charles Voysey(Judith); William Burges(Peter)
Tuesday 26 June More Tours of English Towns with Alan Clifton-Taylor (Richmond; Devizes) Shaun
Tuesday 24 July More Favourite Buildings Walkton Church (Michael)
St. Pancras Hotel (Colin)
Belton House (Peter)
Tuesday 28 August MH Architectural Design Awards 2018(based on the RIBA Architectural Awards for 2017) Colin
Tuesday 25 September Selection of films & talks on various architectural topics Michael
Tuesday 23 October Quiz afternoon(in teams) Geoff & Colin
Tuesday 27 November Architecture across the Centuries –         Northumberland Style Glenys
Tuesday 25 December No Meeting! No Meeting