An Important Note for Everyone – WE NEED YOU

Is SLU3A about to experience its own Armageddon?
It is a fact that at the present time we are very blessed to have a strong, active and solidly participative membership who support and take part in our activity groups and our monthly meetings.
However, what must be remembered is that any association like ours can only work if there is a core of members who are willing to give that little extra to ensure that the ‘wheels keep on turning’.  It is a sad fact that many clubs and groups have had to disband for lack of this very necessary support.  This must not happen to us and we have got to find a way of ensuring that we continue.
The reason that I want to bring this thought to your attention is that at the end of this year we shall be losing a number of key members from the committee.  In fact, through very pressing personal reasons we have already lost two of our number.  If these and the members that are stepping down at the end of the year are not replaced by other volunteers then the headline of this piece could well become fact.  This not because we want it to happen but for the reason that, as I am sure you are all aware of, we are governed by the rules of the Charity Commission who state that every association must have a committee and chairman to oversee the functioning of the group.  If these are not in place then we will be ordered to disband.
We do not want this to happen which is why, as we are half-way through the year, we are laying the truth before you and asking you to think seriously about giving that little bit extra of your time to maintain the health of our very successful and much enjoyed fellowship as a flourishing association.
If you think that you are one of those people that could spare a little more time and are willing to put yourself and your ideas forward for the continued success of our association then please contact any member of the present committee and make your views known.  People who are prepared to do this will certainly ensure that we are a long way from ‘reaching the end of the road’.