Annual General Meeting 2016

The Annual General Meeting in May, 2016, saw the successful adoption of reports from the chairman, treasurer and group enablers, acceptance of the accounts, and the election of the committee including new members Helen Salisbury, Sharon Webb and Robert Cook.  It also saw the adoption of our new constitution, though not without important debate concerning the omission from the new constitution of the former second objective concerning the promotion of members’ leisure and social welfare, seen as an important objective when SLU3A was first established.  Though perhaps made less clear than it might have been at the meeting, the reason for dropping this second objective lay in the Charities Act 2011 which required that U3A nationally and locally should have a single charitable objective, namely education.  Such was the guidance provided to the SLU3A committee over two years ago when work on the new constitution began.  Indeed most of the revision of the constitution was undertaken before even the 2015 AGM, but delay in receiving approval from the Third Age Trust on the proposed constitution, together with the high cost of calling a Special General Meeting, meant that the Committee decided to delay presenting the new constitution to members until this year’s AGM.  Since the AGM, the new constitution has been approved by the Charity Commission, including the clause making education our objective.  Nevertheless, the committee believes that the promotion of members’ leisure and social welfare remains an important aspect of SLU3A’s work and will continue to emphasise it in our aims and our work.  One way in which the goal might be achieved is to include it as part of SLU3A’s mission statement – rather, as former chairman Tony Cook suggested, by placing it on each members’ Membership Card.