The Ukulele Group is a really friendly group, which meets up to have fun.  We achieve this by playing our ukuleles and singing along for all we are worth.  It doesn’t matter one bit how well we play or sing, we just love having a go.

Ours is not a ‘taught’ session as we do not have a tutor, but we do try to help each other, and especially any beginners, with advice and tips about playing the ukulele.

We play all types of songs including pop, folk, pre-war ballads, country, music hall, gospel, rock ‘n’ roll and even some blues.  We just enjoy it all!

If you think you might like to try ukulele, you’ll be welcome to join us.  A spare ukulele is available.  Just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

Where and when

We meet at 2pm on alternate Tuesdays in the Methodist Church.

Other information

All are welcome, so please do get in touch for more information.

Contact details

David Evans 01858 463045


Ukulele Group / Strictly Ukuleles – January

Meeting:  fortnightly Tues pm Methodist Church Although we are on a seasonal break at the moment, in December we played 4 concerts and have 2 more in January. Our group is now at its maximum capacity with 26 regular members. We re-convene our standard sessions on 29th January. Have uke, be happy. David Evans 01858 […]

Ukulele Group / Strictly Ukuleles – December

Meeting:  fortnightly Tues pm Methodist Church We rounded off the year with a ‘Members Selection’, with each group member choosing a song or two for us all to play. In December we are performing three concerts, and following up with another in January. We re-convene our standard sessions on 29th January.  New Year Resolutions? Maybe […]

Ukulele – November

Our October sessions featured three categories of songs: ones expressing RELIGIOUS sentiments; ones of a CAMPAIGNING character; and ones written by non-performing SONGWRITING PARTNERSHIPS. What splendid variety !  We also received feedback on one of our recent concert performances as follows: ‘It has been a source of constant conversation here, since Strictly Ukulele performed for […]

Ukulele = October

In September we had two sessions celebrating sounds of our youth – 1960s POP SONGS and 1960s NUMBER ONES – wow ! A Pop Extravaganza no less. All the big names were represented, both soloists and groups. And we knew all the songs of course, no memory loss there !  We also undertook a performance […]

Ukuleles – September

Meeting:  fortnightly Tues pm Methodist Church We have had two sessions in August – one devoted to a selection of songs chosen by one of our players, and the other comprised of songs made famous by FEMALE SINGERS. Do you remember (and who sang) Music, Music, Music ? Bobby’s Girl ? Puppet on a String […]

Ukulele – August

Ukulele Group / Strictly Ukuleles Meeting:  fortnightly Tues pm Methodist Church We are really busy with concerts at the moment, so we have had to devote part of our time to rehearsing material for these.  Nevertheless, we have managed to have fun with other songs, including SONGS FROM FILMS. These included Over the Rainbow, Singing […]

Ukuleles – July

Ukulele Group / Strictly Ukuleles   Meeting:  fortnightly Tues pm Methodist Church   Our June sessions were dripping in romance as we played and sung some lovely love songs from the last years of the last century. No, they don’t write love songs any more. I’m not convinced that they write any type of real […]

Ukulele – June

In mid-to-late 1950s Britain, we experienced a fairly brief period of Skiffle music. Many will remember this as a kind of uptempo folk/jazz, often incorporating improvised instruments. Although none of us could provide a washboard or tea-chest, we enjoyed our ukulele skiffle session, often involving songs about trains. Our other May session, inspired by the […]

Ukulele – May

April sessions featured out-and-out pop songs from the 1950s and early 60s – before you-know-who and the other Brit groups swamped the charts. Hope you enjoyed our contribution to the Music Day in April. We are now preparing a new playlist for our upcoming concerts this Spring. If you fancy a go with a uke, […]

Ukulele – April

Ukulele Group / Strictly Ukuleles Meeting: fortnightly Tues pm Methodist Church Our sessions in March have featured songs suggested by two of our playing members. Their choices included some 1930s ballads, 50s skiffle, and 60s pop, plus country, rock, gospel, and Irish folk. Great selections. Hope you enjoy our performance at the April Monthly Meeting. […]