Society Today


Have your say about society today.  Our aims are:

a)  to be a forum for discussions of social affairs where members can contribute, listen and learn through exchanges of ideas and feelings about important social questions arising in our national life.

b)  to give encouragement in a world of constant media sensationalism to those of our age who feel they are overwhelmed by that trend and want to share their real views which matter very much to them (and all of us).  Our members think in advance about each topic, then come and enjoy the participation of us all, feeling stimulated to think afresh, a most important point.

The procedure is for one or two members to prepare and give a short introduction to the topic of the day.  At some meetings we have outside speakers who present expert overviews for half an hour or so, then we all join in.  In the past our speakers have included a Farmers' Union leader, university lecturers, NHS leaders and others.

We avoid party-politics and religious-faith discussions.

Topics we have discussed over the last few years include:

  • the future of the British monarchy
  • equality for women
  • the future of the NHS
  • the relationships between the generations and the problems and anxieties that may arise
  • the changes in family life
  • the influence and power of the media
  • are we surrendering too much privacy in the name of security?
  • the sustainability of our planet
  • the state of our prisons

and many more.

Where and when

We meet in the afternoon of the second Thursday of the month at 2pm in St Nicholas Church, Little Bowden.

Other information

New members are welcome.

Contact details

Tom Gilmore 01604 743676


Society Today

At our March meeting we tackled our real concerns about the sharp  increase in violent crime in recent years.  Every member contributed positively to our discussions, blaming in part the illicit sale of drugs. To be noted is a 20% rate of reoffending.  Money to deal with these problems is inadequate, especially when older  people […]

Society Today – February

Our January topic was devoted to the challenging subject: “Artificial Intelligence and its effect on our lives”. All members contributed expressing well-balanced views. It’s not a question of replacing people by machines; it’s a question of changing our way of working. Artificial Intelligence operates faster than people. Robots can learn many procedures which are useful […]

Society Today-have your say October/November

Meeting of 11th Oct.2018 Topic :” Our judgments of the qualities and weaknesses of our BBC, TV and Radio Programmes”. This, of course turned out to be a large domain from light entertainment sound/vision to sport, serious regular features from society to nature, drama, regional as well as national, with a few glances towards foreign […]


Society Today – have your say – August

  “How  can we and should we try to ensure that the NHS is properly funded?” Our group discussed the problems very carefully. Suggestions for progress: 1  Raising age of contributions from all members. 2  By charging even more for prescriptions. 3  Charging for food in hospitals. 4  By ring-fencing cost on medical research. 5  […]

Society today – July

Topic: “What can British society do to promote racial cohesion?” This important topic was treated conscientiously and carefully by all the members of our group. We recognised the real task it was to bring Asian (largely) communities into close and positive relations with the existing, mainly, English and other original citizens’  bodies, socially and culturally. […]

Society Today – June

The topic for our May meeting was ‘The allocation of local Council income from government and other sources’. It was brilliantly presented and fully explained by our visiting speaker, Mr Simon Riley, Head of Finance and Corporate Services for Market Harborough. A demanding task to allocate a £4 million budget carefully and successfully. Everything is […]

Society Today – February

The quality of our public services Generally a gloomy survey: much dissatisfaction over the performance in most of them. The NHS: not enough staff or hospital provision despite their efforts. Growing needs and demands. Rising costs of drugs, equipment etc. Police: growing demands in fraud prevention, street crime reduction and local surveillance work. Child care: a mixture of approval […]

Society Today – November meeting

Our topic was a most important one “The value of the arts in our Society”. We had a thorough discussion about the effects that art has on our own values and what they represent to us individually and when seen together as a full range: music, dance, painting, architecture, photography and sculpture: all stimulating and […]

Society Today – October meeting

The subject was ‘The right to privacy’ – a matter of growing concern in our times. The Press has long exploited any notable failings it can unearth in social behaviour.  Nowadays it has fresh ‘friends’: TV, radio and Facebook etc, which extend the scope for intrusive prying.  There is, of course, commercial exploitation of personal […]