Singles Sunday Lunch 2


Where and when

We meet on the first Sunday of the month at different locations in the surrounding area.

Other information

Please contact me for more information.

Contact details

Jan Tilley 01858 461186 or 07792 915559


Sunday Lunch

Sunday Singles lunches 2 – November report

Eight members of Group 2, in the Sunday Singles lunches, met on Sunday 3rd November at The Elms restaurant in Lutterworth for what was to prove quite an eventful lunch.     Between certain hours it is possible to book your lunch, which our Group members did.    You have to pay ‘up front’ for your […]

Sunday Lunch

Singles Sunday lunches 2 – October report

Sunday 6th October saw 7 members of Group 2 in the Singles Sunday lunches meet together at The Black Horse pub in Foxton.   It is some while since we had had lunch here and we were not disappointed.  This pub caters for those of us who have a smaller appetite and we found everybody very […]

Sunday Lunch

Singles Sunday Lunch 2 – October

The first lunch in September was for members of Group 2 in the Singles Sunday lunch Groups.  The Lunch was held at The Cherry Tree pub in Market Harborough.  It was excellent apart from some members felt overwhelmed with the very generous meat portions.  Eleven of the Group were together for this meal  and everyone, by the end,  […]

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Singles Lunch Group 2 August report

On Sunday 4th August, twelve members of Group 2 in the Sunday Singles Lunches met at The Crown Pub in Tur Langton.  As usual the food was outstanding and much appreciated by quite a few members of the Group.    The road at Church Langton was blocked and the police would not allow anybody to […]

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Singles Lunches Group 2 – July

On Sunday 7th July,  8 members of Group 2 in the Sunday Singles Lunches, met at The Wheel and Compass pub in Western-by-Welland.  What an amazing time was had by all despite the depleted numbers.   The food was very good and tasty with excellent wait staff and plenty of chatting and laughter from those present.  […]

Sunday Lunch

Singles Sunday Lunch (2) – June

In Group 2 of the Singles Lunches we are lucky enough to have two members who are also members of the Conservative Club in Market Harborough.   As a result 12 members in this Group lunched there on Sunday 5 May.    The food was delicious and reasonably priced and the only drawback was that the […]

Sunday Lunch

Singles Sunday lunch group 2 – May

  “Once again The Crown Pub at Tur Langton was chosen as the lunch venue for one of the Singles Sunday Lunch Groups.   Seven members of Group 2 thoroughly enjoyed their time at this pub which had a good atmosphere and a tasty Sunday lunch.    This pub is now definitely back on our list […]

Sunday Lunch

Single Sunday Lunches (2) – January

Eight members of Group 2 in the Single Sunday Lunches met on the 2nd December for a really fantastic lunch at The Attic restaurant at Kilworth Springs Golf Club in South Kilworth. What a lovely elevated restaurant affording stunning views over the Golf Course and with such a warm and friendly atmosphere. The food was […]

Sunday Lunch

Singles Sunday Lunch (Group 2) – December

Eleven members of Group 2 in the Singles Sunday Lunch Groups ventured a little further for their lunch on Sunday 4th November.   Their choice was The Wheel and Compass pub in Welland by Western.   This pub operates a little differently from others we have visited inasmuch as you have to order and pay for each […]

Sunday Lunch

Singles Sunday Lunches Group 2 – November

On 7th October nine members of Group 2 in the Sunday Singles Lunches met at The Fox Pub in Halleton.   All went very well with good conversations and excellent food and a huge welcome to our new member, Rosemary Holden.   She is very much looking forward to the next lunch in November. For further details […]