Railway Exploration


The Railway Exploration Group has an attendance regularly in the 20s. We have a broad membership including an increasing number of lady members, all of whom are welcome to contribute – and often do so. Expert help with presentations is available if needed.  Our interests lay in all aspects of the railway with regular attention to both local and historical aspects – “Anoraks” are normally left at home and reserved for our occasional good-weather field trips!

This fascinating group has an appeal to Railway Buffs and Innocent Railway By-Standers alike.  The learning and understanding curve is gentle, captivating and invariably illustrated by first class research, photography and by film.  The group’s speciality line is the old Peterborough to Rugby line and the various routes that radiated from Market Harborough.  A highly recommended group for ladies and gentlemen members!!

Where and when

We meet at any time after 10.00am (3rd Wednesday, Bowling Club, Kettering Road) for coffee and a natter, with the serious business starting at 10.30.

Other information

New members are very welcome and more information is available from the group leader. Do come along for a taster session if you're interested – we won't even charge you the £2 room fee!

Contact details

Phil Danks 01858 463922


Railway Exploration – February

It’s often very cold in February so we’ll be warming ourselves up by looking at how they fed the steel furnaces at Corby with the help of Thomas’s friend  “Percy the Small Engine”  long since retired to Harborough’s Glebe Road Traction Club.  Of further note we still have several items – including an interesting bedstead […]

Railway Exploration – January 2019

January is when we start to look for our summer holidays.  Your writer will assist the group, possibly even bring back memories, with a photographic foray into the “Camping Coach” and a look at how the railway companies participated in the provision of holidays in much the same way as package-holiday airlines do today.  We […]

Railway Exploration – December

Tony Cook is working on his 5th volume of “Fascinating Stations” and we look forward to more old photos and quirky details of station place names during 2019.   A recent visit to York by your writer unearthed an unusual bed with railway connections and also, a piece of stonemasonry commemorating one of the most influential […]

Railway Exploration – November

In November we plan to look at Camping Coaches, some more railway remains of the local region, pigeon traffic on the railway and/or any other topics that occur to your presenters in the coming weeks.  Our last meeting viewed John Betjeman’s take on the Somerset & Dorset railway (recently featured in the current “Railway Walks […]

Railway Exploration – October

The October meeting will look at the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway and continue with some more of John Betjeman’s railwayana after our recent viewing of his journey from Kings Lynn to Hunstanton.  We also have our ongoing presentation of the artist’s work that portrayed our local railway in its steam days before closure. We  […]

Railway Exploration – September

September meeting will host part 2 of our look at the Harborough railway scene of 40 years ago.  There will be a presentation on some Chinese steam railways and our usual look at the railway seen through the eyes of an artist.   As always, coffee & biscuits will be served beforehand . Dudley Brown   […]

Train crossing bridge, Little Bowden

Railway Exploration – August

August will follow on from our last meeting’s theme of “fast trains” and be in contrast to the more leisurely pace of the Harborough railway scene of 50 years ago.  There will be some photo snippets and videos to refresh the memories of those times and doubtless some of our long-standing Harborough members will be able to fill in […]

Chapel Brampton

Railway Exploration – July

Group members had a fine day for the field trip to the heritage railway at Chapel Brampton and were pleasantly surprised to see the amount of progress that has been made since our last visit several years ago.  The Stationmaster’s hostelry provided excellent morning coffee and lunch to round things off.  Next month we will […]

Railways – March

Our sessions regularly take a brief look at the railway through the eyes of an artist, writer or film maker – a surprising number of famous artists liked trains!  Recently we have had presentations on: Brunel’s participation in Cotswold railway riots, a 1950s train stuck in Yorkshire snowdrifts for 3 days, the role of the […]

Railway Exploration – December

The Railway Exploration Group continues to grow in number; we are now In our sixth year and have recently welcomed several lady members.  In recognition of November as a month of remembrance we had a short presentation on the contribution of the railway and its staff during two world wars. Important: please note that the […]