Railway Exploration


The Railway Exploration Group has an attendance regularly in the 20s. We have a broad membership including an increasing number of lady members, all of whom are welcome to contribute – and often do so. Expert help with presentations is available if needed.  Our interests lay in all aspects of the railway with regular attention to both local and historical aspects – “Anoraks” are normally left at home and reserved for our occasional good-weather field trips!

This fascinating group has an appeal to Railway Buffs and Innocent Railway By-Standers alike.  The learning and understanding curve is gentle, captivating and invariably illustrated by first class research, photography and by film.  The group’s speciality line is the old Peterborough to Rugby line and the various routes that radiated from Market Harborough.  A highly recommended group for ladies and gentlemen members!!

Where and when

We meet at any time after 10.00am (3rd Wednesday, Bowling Club, Kettering Road) for coffee and a natter, with the serious business starting at 10.30.

Other information

New members are very welcome and more information is available from the group leader. Do come along for a taster session if you're interested – we won't even charge you the £2 room fee!

Contact details

Phil Danks 01858 463922


Railway Exploration – September 2020

Our group authors have continued to entertain us with short articles having a railway flavour.  Last month we ventured into new territory with railway poetry, no doubt reviving schooldays memories for many of us.  We have now settled down into a regular Monday morning email bulletin which at the very least, will hopefully provide some […]

Railway Exploration – August 2020

  The group continues with its foray into railway authorship.  Now that lockdown has been eased slightly we have reduced our output to a weekly article and that provides sufficient discussion by email to keep us all in touch.  Like most groups we are severely restricted in what else we can do but the Newsletter […]

Railway Exploration – July 2020

  The Lockdown Railway Writers Group (LRWG) a.k.a. Railway Exploration continues to thrive as an online publishing co-operative.  With over 50 articles contributed to date,  we have established a good way of increasing our knowledge of railway history while maintaining contact during the most restrictive period of lockdown.  With topics ranging from Victorian railway etiquette […]

Railway Exploration – June 2020

The Railway Exploration Group  continues to flourish in its new-found guise of the Lockdown Railway Writers Guild!  To date (22nd May) we have published 33 mini-articles within our e-group on subjects ranging from memories of childhood holiday train journeys to current exploration of a local disused railway tunnel.  We are all looking forward to the […]

Railway Exploration – May 2020

The Railway Exploration Group has been busy during lockdown in swapping information & ideas by email. Members have now written a series of mini-articles on a number of railway topics ranging in scope from “Thomas Hardy’s reflections on the impact of railways in Victorian times” to a personal experience of “Ghost Trains”. We have also […]

Railway Exploration – March 2020

At our next meeting (always 3rd Wednesday of the month) we’ll be reviewing a BAFTA-winning film by one of Britain’s best Directors, continuing our look into railway publicity & advertising, viewing some clips from the Black Country, doing some railway-related twitching and discussing all our usual bits & pieces – phew!  We’ll need our coffee […]

First in the Field - Locomotive

Railway Exploration – February 2020

Railway companies have always used publicity & advertising – especially during the 1930s when finances were in decline and road competition presented a serious threat.  We’ll take a look at how they managed this aspect of the business & how it spawned some highly-prized pieces of artwork for today’s collectors. Our next meeting is at […]

Railway Exploration – January 2020

An essential constituent of the steam locomotive diet is water. We’ll start the year by looking at how the railways coped with this requirement which sometimes necessitated expensive engineering and always careful management by drivers & firemen.  Should you be intrigued by the illustration alongside then come along to our next meeting (10.00 am Wednesday […]

Painting by Espagnat

Railway Exploration – December

PLEASE NOTE: The Railway Exploration Group does not meet in December. Our next session will be on Wednesday January 15th (10.00am 3rd Wednesday of the month at Kettering Road Bowls club).  We ended this year’s session with a ghostly story from the Great Western Railway of 1925; this was preceded by guidance from Birdwatching Group’s […]