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We meet at 2pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Angel.

Other information

New members are very welcome so if you would like to join us please contact me.

Contact details

David Ginns 01536 351328


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Play reading – April

A switch in our allegiance is on the cards for our next play.  Having last month had the satisfaction of witnessing the fulfilment of the illustrious barrister’s wish, ‘Let right be done’, in the case of the wrongly accused Winslow Boy, our sympathies this time may lie elsewhere as we get to know the joyfully […]

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Play Reading – March

At our March meeting we will be continuing Rattigan’s ‘The Winslow Boy’. Young Ronnie Winslow has been sent home in disgrace from the Royal Naval College, Osborne, where it is alleged that he cashed a five shilling postal order belonging to another cadet – an act which Ronnie denies having committed. Much to Ronnie’s surprise […]

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Play Reading – February

In ‘Quiet Weekend’ by Esther McCracken, a rash bet made after too much port has led to respectable middle-aged Arthur and even more respectable local magistrate Adrian indulging in a spot of night-time salmon poaching and almost getting caught in in the act.  And things are not quite going to plan, either, for those of […]

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Modern Play Reading – January 2019

We next meet at 2pm on Tuesday, January 15th. The aspiring authors of Pendon Writers’ Circle, who had left their final meeting of the year reluctantly mulling over the chairman’s half-baked idea that a collaborative effort might help them at last to set pen to paper, did indeed see their combined talents coming to fruition […]

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Modern Play Reading – November

In Ayckbourn’s ‘Improbable Fiction’ the stage is now set, after a typically awkward and inconclusive meeting of the Pendon Writers’ Circle. Flitting between Victorian melodrama inspired by the literary aspirations of farmer Jess, a 30s crime scene featuring journalist Vivvi’s poetry-loving DCI Jim Rash, and the futuristic world of alien-detection unmistakably the creation of local […]

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Modern Play Reading – October

Modern Play reading At the pre-Christmas meeting of a very disparate and frustrated bunch of would-be authors, the idea of a collaborative effort between all of them gets a predictably  lukewarm reception – until a violent thunderstorm alarmingly transforms them into the characters of just such a collaboration! Take your seats for Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Improbable […]

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Moder Play Reading – September

We’re risking a challenge under the Trade Descriptions Act with our current play which, written in mid-19th century Tsarist Russia, is admittedly stretching the notion of ‘modern’! Turgenev’s ‘A month in the country’ is a comedy in which the flowering of passion is threatened by social convention, rivalry and self-interest. Will true feelings finally prevail […]

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Play Reading – August

The tap-dancing class in ‘Stepping Out’ (Richard Harris) somehow managed, in the end, to get it all together and bring off a performance well beyond the wildest dreams of some of its members!  This month we’ll be trying to do something similar when we start a new play, and you would be very welcome to […]

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Modern Play Reading – July

At our next meeting on Tuesday, July 17th, we will once again be sitting in on the rehearsals of the tap-dancing class in ‘Stepping Out’, by Richard Harris, and gradually finding out, beneath all the comic banter, a bit more about the aspirations, preoccupations and anxieties of its members and their warm-hearted dance teacher Mavis, […]

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Modern Play Reading – June

Having taken a break last month, it is to be hoped that we won’t take too much longer ‘Disposing of the Body’ (Hugh Whitemore)! Bring your tap-dancing shoes on June 19th as we start ‘Stepping Out’ by Richard Harris, an acutely observed comedy set in a North London church hall, the venue for the weekly […]