Photography (Digital)


Whether you use a DSLR, a compact camera or your phone, we offer an opportunity to show, discuss and improve your photos.  We usually bring along and share (digital copies of) a few photos each based on a given theme.

Here is a list of topics for 2019


Where and when

We meet in the afternoon of the third Friday of the month at Welland Place, Market Harborough.

Other information

At present (January 2019)  we have a couple of vacancies for new members - regardless of experience.

Contact details

Phil Aldridge 07734 903737   email:


Photography – December

Our theme for December was Song Titles and those who were able to attend produced some very inventive contributions. See our favourite from each person’s photographs below. Here is the list of themes for 2020:        17 Jan – Still Life        21 Feb – Night Photographs        20 Mar […]

Photography – November

At our November meeting our subject was ‘Letters and numbers’We had interpreted this is various ways and in some of the images you need to look carefully to spot them. Here are our favourites from each member’s contributions.

Angela Deane

Photography October

Our subject at our October meeting was ‘Worm’s eye view’. Our favourite from each person’s contributions are shown below.  Kenny presented some ideas on Monochrome/Black & White.

Photography – August

At our July meeting the theme was ‘Silhouettes and Shadows’. These were the group’s favourites from each member’s contribution.

Photography group – June

The Photography group’s theme for the May meeting was ‘Ruins’. Our favourite from each member’s collection is shown here.

photo by Kenny Darling

Photography – May

The theme for the April meeting of the digital photography group was ‘monochrome’ The group voted the best image of those displayed to be the one of the spanners in the engine shed of the  Great Central Railway at Loughborough station by Peter Grimbly. The favourite photo from those submitted by each member are also […]


At the February meeting the theme was ‘Patterns’  The groups favourite of each person’s photos are shown here and in the bottom gallery on the right of the Photography Activity Group page. The group’s Photo of the Month was Phil’s picture taken in Seville.

Photography – Jan19

In January we met for the first time at our new venue in the library at Welland Place. Very comfortable surroundings with the advantage of a large TV screen on which to view our photos.  The theme for the month was ‘Signs’. The theme for the February meeting is ‘Patterns’.