Music Appreciation (Friday)


Where and when

We meet at 10am on the last Friday of the month at the home of a group member.

Other information

Do please telephone for more information.

Contact details

Geoff Moth 01858 432275   email:


Music Appreciation (Friday) – September

At our August meeting our theme was ‘London’. We listened to Edward Elgar’s concert overture ‘Cockaigne’. This was followed by one the many Symphonies Joseph Haydn wrote during his visits to London – Number 104 and  titled by by him ‘London’. Our morning ended with a recording of Vaughan Williams’ second Symphony  recorded at the […]


Music Appreciation (Friday) – August

At our July meeting we listened to a thrilling performance of Brahms’ 1st Piano Concerto by Clifford Curzon and the LSO, postponed from our June meeting. This was preceded by 3 Intermezzi  for solo piano written by Brahms in his later years and Debussy’s Nocturnes which  reflected the current heat wave. Our August Meeting will […]

Music Appreciation (Friday) – July

  At our June meeting we will be listening to a selection of recordings made by by the pianist Clifford Curzon. Starting with Brahms Piano Concerto No 1, we will move on to Robert Schuman’s Piano Quintet and our morning will end with two ‘lolly pops’ namely Cesar Franck’s Symphonic Variation for piano and orchestra  and the […]

Music Appreciation ( Friday) – June

At our May Meeting we will be listening to Anton Dvorak’s Symphony No 7 and movements from Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio in G  Minor. These pieces will be followed by the Violin Concerto No 2 from a less familiar composer , Jeno Hubay and the morning will end with Serge Rachmaninoff”s last composition, namely his […]

Music Appreciation (Friday) – May

  Our April session was based on a Concert given by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at  the Queens Hall, London in  February 1919 and reviewed in the Daily Telegraph on the 1st March of that year. Our programme started with a Festival Overture  by Arnold Bax, one of his many competitions written before WW1 and […]

Music Appreciation (Friday) – April

Our March Meeting was devoted to Chamber Music.We opened the programme with Anton Arensky’s Piano Trio in D Minor. Arensky was a pupil of both Rimsky-Korsakov and Tchaikovsky and the piece reflects the influence of both composers. The piano Trio in A Minor by the latter was represented by the first movement . We then […]

Music Appreciation (Friday) – March

  At our February Meeting we listened to a selection of Music By Richard Strauss. Opening the programme with one of his earliest compositions, the Tone Poem Don Juan, we continued with one of his last works, namely the ‘Four Last Songs’. The second half of the morning featured a selection of Waltzes from his […]

Music Appreciation (Friday) – January 2019

After our Christmas break we will be easing into the New Year with ‘Variations on Themes’ -a programme of items based on  previously written compositions. We meet, as usual, on the last Friday in the month at 19 Westfield Close Geoffrey Moth tel: 01858 432275   e-mail

Music Appreciation (Fridays) – November

At our October Meeting we listened to a selection representing Joseph Haydn’s long and fruitful career as a composer. We Started our morning with his Symphony No 45 named the ‘Farewell’ as the final movement featured the musicians leaving the platform until the movement ended with only two violins. This was followed by the Cello […]

Music Appreciation (Friday) – October

Our September Meeting  featured a  selection of compositions that had failed at their first public performances.  We listened to an Overture by Leonard Bernstein followed by a Suite By Bizet, a movement from Brahms 1st  Piano Concerto and Mussorgsky’s A Night on the Bare Mountain. After coffee  we heard a movement from Rachmaninoff’s 1st Symphony, […]