Music Appreciation 2


Where and when

We meet at 10am on the last Friday of the month at the home of a group member.

Other information

Do please telephone for more information.

Contact details

Geoff Moth 01858 432275   email:


Music Appreciation (2) – September

 As our lives are still being dominated by the Rules and Regulations regarding the pandemic it seemed to be appropriate to do what we always do, that is to reminisce about happier days in the past. To this end here is our Music Appreciation  entry for September 2010. Our programme in August was based on discs which accompany […]

Music Appreciation 2 – August 2020

While rearranging in my C.D collection for the third time since Lockdown, I pondered how I had become so involved in listening to Classical Music. As far as my family are concerned the music I heard in my childhood was based on scores from Musical Comedies of the Twenties and early Thirties which my Mother used as lullabies and Military […]

Music Appreciation (2) – July 2020

Listening to a BBC C.D of  the complete Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe Ballet score taken from a live BBC Prom performance by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, I was reminded of the great contribution the Ballet had made to the Classical Music World. It seemed appropriate therefore to base the programme […]

Music Appreciation (2) – June 2020

  In these difficult times it it seems appropriate to reflect on a  less complicated  period in the past. I have been reviewing the programmes that the Group has listened to in the past and found the following which was in fact a selection of recordings made by the Group itself SLU3A News July 2010 The […]

Music Appreciation 2 – May 2020

During the last two weeks of my lock down I have been slowly wading through Anton Bruckner’s 8th Symphony. My introduction to this piece has been by courtesy of the May B.B.C Music Magazine which includes a C.D with each edition.  Bruckner spent 4 years completing this symphony, a very large work in every respect, On this […]

Music Appreciation (2) – May 2020

I’m spending some time checking through my CD collection to find some items we haven’t heard before. There are also some very good performances on Iplayer and YouTube  if you care to delve. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side. Geoffrey Moth

Music Appreciation (2) – February report

At our February Meeting we commemorated the 250th Anniversary of  Beethoven’s birth. We listened to excerpts from his Piano Concerto No 5 and his Violin Concerto.  These were followed by the Choral  Fantasy in C Major, believed to be an early model for his 9th Symphony, movements from the Pastoral symphony and ended with the  […]

Music Appreciation (2) – January 2020

Having had no meeting in December we are looking forward to our next on January 31st. It is my intention that we will devote the whole programme to Tchaikovsky. The principal item will be the composer’s 4th Symphony,and this will be supported by a selection of his lesser known works. We will meet as usual at 19 […]

Music Appreciation 2  – December

  Our November programme revolved around the piano. Starting with the solo piano we listened to Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 played by Simon Trpceski and followed this with a piano duet  of Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite .We then moved on to piano concertos played by one two and three hands, namely Ravel’s Concerto for the […]

Music Appreciation 2 – November

At our October meeting  we listened to a selection of music from three centuries. Starting with Mozart’s Piano Concerto No  20 with its dramatic and pensive first movements. It is suggested that that Brahms used this formula for his 1st Piano Concerto which  he completed when he was 26 after encouragement from Robert Schumann and […]