Italian – Not Absolute Beginners


Does just what it says on the tin!  Italian - Not Absolute Beginners.  If you would like to learn this beautiful language then do please contact the co-ordinator to find out more.

Where and when

We meet on the 1st and 3rd  Monday afternoons of the month at 2.30pm. Please phone for more information and the venue for the next meeting.

Contact details

Sharon Webb 01858 440851   email:


Italian (Beginners) – December

We are still using our Italian for travelling, buying and asking for things in shops,cafes and restaurants. On the 4th December we are all going to the Italian deli in Harborough and treating ourselves to coffee and Italian pastries. Unfortunately the only Italian speaker has left the shop which is unfortunate but we are looking […]

Italian (Beginners)

We are still learning how to use public transport and to get around and now we have five new members to swell our ranks.  We are still revising bit by bit and also tackling the ‘definite article’ and prepositions which is particularly difficult, but, as we keep telling ourselves, learning a language is good for the […]

Italian (Beginners)

We have recently started back after the summer and have two more ladies who have joined our group.  We are still revising, but will be tackling how to get around and travel on public transport.  We can now book a room and ask for directions, as well as ordering in a restaurant.  All we need now is […]

Italian (Beginners) – September meeting

We are now on our summer break and will meet again on Monday, 4th September.  We are busy revising everything we have learnt so far.  It’s quite a lot but hopefully we shall remember some of it.  Once again, a big thank you to Linda for all her hard work and patience with us.  Sharon […]

Italian (Beginners)

Our last meeting was an extremely hot affair due to the weather but we carried on and Linda had us working right till the end of the session.  We have covered ordering food and drinks and next session will be looking at hotel bookings.  If anyone feels they would like to join our group you […]

Italian (Beginners)

At the moment our Italian teacher Linda is away on holiday so we have been concentrating on plenty of revision and numbers, using our well-honed bingo skills.  We have managed to tick along showing we are a true ‘self help group’.  Sharon Webb.

Italian (Beginners)

Well, the Italian group are having a break at the moment and will resume on the 8th May.  We are still learning how to ask for things in shops and restaurants and we are hoping to try out our skills at the Italian market.  At the last meeting Linda bought along some lovely Italian cakes […]

Italian (Beginners)

The group is now learning how to ask for things in shops and cafes and also asking directions.  We have been using simple town plans to do this in order to get from A to B.  We are surprising ourselves with how much we are remembering and how far we have come since October.  Thank […]

Italian (Beginners)

The group resumed on the 9th January with the addition of two new members and we are now a group of ten.  We are all very keen and are constantly revising what we have learnt.  We meet in the Methodist Church on Monday afternoons from 2.30-4pm.  For further information do please contact me.  Sharon Webb.

New Group – Italian (Beginners)

Hooray!  Great news – this group now has a start date of Monday, 3rd October and intends to meet every Monday of the month from 2.30 – 4pm in the Methodist Church, Northampton Road, Market Harborough.  Do please telephone the co-ordinator, Sharon Webb on 01858 440851 if you would like any further details on the […]