German Conversation


Our group is suspended for the duration of the Covid19 restrictions. We look forward to meeting again later in the year.

Where and when

We meet in the afternoon every Friday. Please contact Sylvia for details of the venue.

Contact details

Sylvia Mountford 01858 465561


German Conversation – August 2020

Our little group continues to keep in touch by text and phone calls. One member commented that it was not easy speaking German on your own. I mentioned that sometimes I just talk to myself. A few days later I received a text saying “Tried your idea but can’t understand anything I say!” We are […]

German Conversation – April

Nearly 100 years ago a trade publication in Hanover reported the development of a triple-decker city bus.This was a surprise to readers as triple deckers had never been seriously considered because their high centre of gravity would make them unstable and there would be the risk of hitting trees and bridges.There was a photograph with […]

German Conversation

The last word in my English/German dictionary is Zygote – same in both languages {not very helpful!}. It means the smile muscle found in the cheek. Studies at Wuppertal university record that using facial muscles affects our emotions, which explains why frowning induces unhappiness and smiling improves mood. We didn’t really need a study to […]

German Conversation – January 2020

German analysts writing in the journal Social Indicators Research report that 21,000 Britons were regularly asked how happy they were with their lives.They found that satisfaction starts to dip in late teens,levels out then takes an upturn at 46. It rises to a peak at 74 when we are most content due to the combination […]

German conversation – December

In November a pilot who delivered chocolate for children behind the Iron Curtain was honoured by the Royal British Legion. Nicknamed the Candy Bomber,he released the treats,tied to miniature parachutes made from handkerchiefs,as he flew in vital supplies to West Berlin after the Soviet blockade in 1948. One of the children later said ‘The chocolate […]

German Conversation – November

Ever wondered why birds don’t need maps? The answer {discovered at Germany’s Goethe University} is in their beaks which are thought to contain tiny magnets which act as a compass. Members of our group regularly continue to find their way to meetings using neither compass nor beak!   Sylvia Mountford

German Conversation – October

Oktoberfest is in full swing at this time of year. Held in Munich,where about 7.5 million litres of beer are guzzled by 6 million visitors some of whom will doubtless end up with Katzenjammer–hangovers.Which have now been deemed a legitimate illness by a German court in Frankfurt,although earlier this year a study found there were […]

German conversation – Friday

Summer holidays for some of us so this month we’ll visit Crets en Belledone,a little village at the foot of the French Alps.The local school here has been struggling with low numbers and threatened with class closures. A local farmer took 50 of his sheep to the school and parents and teachers watched as 15 […]

German Conversation – August

Another gem from the Max Plank Institute where,30 years after the discovery of an ancient jawbone on the Tibetan Plateau,researchers have finally identified it as belonging to a member of a species of human being living 160,000 years ago.This is the first time remains of the Denisovans have been identified outside Siberia. The work suggests […]

German Conversation – July

The 121ft long Schooner no 5 Elbe, built in 1883 was the last wooden seagoing craft in the port of Hamburg. Having recently undergone an 8 month renovation at a Danish shipyard it has sunk after colliding with a container vessel! Some members of our group have cruised in the past; nobody seems put off […]