German (Conversation)


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We meet in the afternoon every Friday in the Congregational Church.

Contact details

Sylvia Mountford 01858 465561


German conversation – Friday

Summer holidays for some of us so this month we’ll visit Crets en Belledone,a little village at the foot of the French Alps.The local school here has been struggling with low numbers and threatened with class closures. A local farmer took 50 of his sheep to the school and parents and teachers watched as 15 […]

German Conversation – August

Another gem from the Max Plank Institute where,30 years after the discovery of an ancient jawbone on the Tibetan Plateau,researchers have finally identified it as belonging to a member of a species of human being living 160,000 years ago.This is the first time remains of the Denisovans have been identified outside Siberia. The work suggests […]

German Conversation – July

The 121ft long Schooner no 5 Elbe, built in 1883 was the last wooden seagoing craft in the port of Hamburg. Having recently undergone an 8 month renovation at a Danish shipyard it has sunk after colliding with a container vessel! Some members of our group have cruised in the past; nobody seems put off […]

German Conversation – June

Summer holiday time is fast approaching,but it’s not always sunny;that’s when people often seek out a museum to visit.Wherever you go there are some rather obscure ones to inspect. 100 dog collars at Leeds castle in Kent;250 lawnmowers in Merseyside;1,000 varieties of barbed wire in Texas and locks of hair from 16,000 women in Turkey. […]

Sampler by Sylvia's Uncle Alexis

German Conversation – May

POW who stitched up Hitler. My uncle Alexis, a Major in the royal Army Ordnance Corps, was held captive in four different POW camps in Germany between 1941 and 1945. He began sewing six months into his time at Dossel-Warbung, using threads pulled from the jumper of a fellow inmate, a Cretan army General.  His […]

VW Beetle

German Conversation – April

As a former Beetle owner I was sad to learn that VW will end production of the highly recognisable car this year.The announcement marks the end of seven decades of success. The name Volkswagen-meaning People’s Car-was supposed to make Germans buy in to Hitler’s grand designs for the Fatherland and the then new Autobahns. None […]

German Conversation – January 2019

Humans use blinking as a subtle way to control conversations! Rapid blinks can encourage others to speak more,while slower ones can discourage speaking. They should be considered as conversational clues,a bit like nodding. Blinks have a clear physiological function,keeping the eyes moist and clear,but we do about 13,500 a day,many more than needed for this […]

German Conversation – November

Fed up with the cold?Feeling your age?Time passing too quickly? It’s rather different on PDS 70b,the newest planet in the universe. Experts at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy believe its discovery will give them a world of information and help to unlock the secrets of Earth’s origins and the evolution of our solar system. […]

German Conversation – October

Just an interesting fact this time. Alexander von Humboldt’s birthday was on !4th September. The German polymath[1769-1859],who coined the term ‘the cosmos’,has been described as ‘a sort of 19th century David Attenborough’. He has more places and creatures named after him than anyone else! They include rivers,towns,mountains,a glacier,an ocean current,penguins,monkeys,an orchid,a squid and even a […]

German Conversation – September

We have continued to meet during August with the usual varied subjects of conversation. Recently we read about a plan to make a public bathing pool in the River Spree in Berlin; this involved words like ecological cleaning, feasibility and sustainable development.  More bizarrely   one member raised a problem which could be caused by a […]