Crafting for Charities


If you enjoy knitting, sewing or crocheting (or want to learn) but have no one who needs these items now, then do join us to craft items for a range of local and international charities.  We exchange patterns, sources of materials and ideas for charities to whom we may wish to donate.  Overall, the purpose is to give each other friendly peer support and encouragement, whether we are working to donate to our own favourite charity, or one identified by other group members.

Where and when

We meet on the third Monday of each month at Louisa's Place, Coventry Road, Market Harborough, 2.30pm..

Other information

Members usually bring something along to work on or patterns, etc to share.

Contact details

Helen Salisbury, 07837 410 575   email:


Great to meet up again

On Monday we met indoors, for the first time for many months, at Louisa’s Place on St Mary’s Road.  The staff welcomed us back and we placed orders for hot drinks.  Members enjoyed catching up and seeing what everyone had been knitting or crocheting. We managed to fit in lots of crafting too! Here are […]

Leftovers used to make colourful items for Growbaby project

Return to meeting indoors

We will be meeting indoors from now on and the next session will be on Monday 18 October at 2.30 pm at Louisa’s Place on St Mary’s Road.  There’s plenty of room and we will be chatting and crafting.  We are almost full but a couple more members are welcome if anyone wishes to join […]

Crafting for Charities – July 2021

Light nights and gardening seem to have taken over the time for crafting but several members caught up for a welcome chat and cuppa at The Cafe in Welland Park.  The photos show a colourful jumper for Growbaby plus twiddlemuffs and items for a local neo natal unit.  New members are always welcome.  Contact Helen Salisbury: […]

Summertime crafting

Light evenings and gardening seem to have taken over members’ time available for crafting.  The pictures show several of the items we have been able to make.  In the meantime, in June, several members met at The Cafe in the Park to enjoy catching up over a fresh cup of coffee.  Possibly a flapjack, too!  […]

Crafting for Charities – June 2021

Gardening and the welcome opportunity of meeting up with friends and family seems to have meant that crafting has taken a bit of a step backwards at the moment. However, the group met up at the Cafe in Welland Park in May and will be doing so again in June. New members are always welcome. […]

Twiddlemuffs and tiny jackets

At last members were able to meet up for a cuppa and chat in the Park, even if we were still wrapped up in coats.  It was worth it.  We have continued to be very busy with our lockdown evenings and members handed over crafted items to those with local contacts for passing on.  For the […]

Crafting for Charities – April 2021

Crafting for Charities Members are keeping very busy crafting for local organisations and these have included making twiddlemuffs for residents of a local care home and blankets for SANDS, an organisation helping parents and families with stillbirths.  Crafting for the Growbaby project continues, too (see picture).  We are planning to meet up for a cuppa in […]

Thank you from Growbaby, Northampton

Early last month, members of the group were able to collect in their second donation of items for the Growbaby charity based in Northampton.  This supports families with 2 to 7 year olds that have been referred to them by local, professional services.  Items included jackets, jumpers, ponchos, hats, gloves and blankets, all in bright […]

Members’ amazing response to local neo natal unit

Members made an amazing response to an unexpected request from a local hospital, as the pictures show.  Donated items included 15 coats, 22 hats, 16 blankets, 3 octopus (twiddling for tiny fingers) and 2 comfort blankets. Member, Jenny, was able to pass on the items and reported, “I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve got, […]

Blanket for Growbaby

Crafting for Charities – January 2021

Members are busily using the long, winter evenings and ‘stay at home’ time to craft further items for the Growbaby project in Northampton, planning another delivery at the end of January.  Blankets for distribution to 2 to 6 year olds seem to be the favourite item this time.  The colourful one has been made by Viv […]