Card Craft 1


Greeting card creations made with kits provided.

Where and when

We meet in the afternoon of the first and third Thursday of the month in the Community Church, Bath Street.

Contact details

Liz Austin 0116 247 8398 and Sheila Taylor 01858 464545


Card Group 1 – February 2020

Belated Happy New Year to everyone. Card Group one started the new year classes on 16th January when Margaret one of our members did cut out shaped cards suitable for any occasion we did one for a lady and one with tools for a man, thank you Margaret for demonstrating this for us. Our next […]

Card Group 1 – May

We have had an interesting month! We shall be changing our venue in July moving to the Evangelical hall and we are looking forward to the move. Liz and myself went to Hothorpe for a card crafting weekend and came away with a few lovely ideas. In early April we did lovely fold up bird […]

Card Group 1 – April

Well we celebrated our 10 year milestone with a lovely meal at the  Cherry Tree after which we had our usual meeting at St Nicholas Church  Upper room 2-4 p.m Liz and I were presented with lovely spring planters they were much appreciated. Thank you ladies For our first meeting we made Easter bunny cards  […]

Card Group 1 – March

Card group one will reach its 10th year anniversary, where has that time gone?. We shall be going out for a celebratory lunch prior to our meeting on 21st March after which we will be making our Easter cards. In February for our lst meeting Margaret one of our members brought along die cut wreaths […]

Card Group 1 – December

We have now come to the end of another year of card making, lots of  lovely cards and exchanged ideas, During October and November we concentrated on our Christmas cards Thank you to the ladies who have  helped with demonstrations during Liz’s absence it has been much appreciated.   Our group will not be meeting in […]

Card Craft 1 – December

This month’s cards were devoted to Christmas.  At our first class we made cards with a selection of Festive Christmas trees then Margaret very kindly organised our second class which had us all hanging baubles on flourishes. We then made a card using serviettes –  we shall now all be looking for suitable patterned serviettes. Thank you, Margaret. We […]

Card Craft (No 1) – September & October meetings

After our holiday break in August, we recommenced on 7th September at our usual venue.  We did a lovely card with a Japanese lady tied to the front of the card which, when untied, became a lovely bookmark.  Many thanks for the idea Vivian, it was a lovely project.  For our second meeting we shall be […]

Card Craft (No 1)

At the time of writing it is wet and miserable, so hoping the sun comes back to shine on us.  Our group had a lovely time this month for our first meeting in St Nicholas Church upper room.  Jane demonstrated a stamped tea cake card and beautiful baby block cards, thank you Jane for taking […]