Book Club 1


We discuss books which have been provided free by the Library Service



Where and when

We meet in the morning of the third Friday of the month at the Congregational Church.

Contact details

Cherry Taylor 01858 466308   email:


Book Club 1 – February

The Essex Serpent    by  Sarah Perry.  Newly widowed Cora Seabourne retreats to the countryside with her son.    The locals  are terrified by rumours of the appearance of the Essex Serpent living in the marshes and Cora is excited that this could be an unidentified species.   She encounters William Ransome, vicar of Aldwinter, with […]

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Book Club 1 – January 2019

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry Rachel Joyce Harold Fry is dissatisfied with himself and his life. On receiving a letter from a long-lost friend he feels compelled to reach her on foot over a distance of 627 miles. This story of an ordinary man’s endeavour is a moving tribute to the power of the […]

Book Club 1 – December

Sweet Caress – William Boyd The life and times of Amory Clay  who was born in the early 20th Century.    She is a complex and intriguing  character leading a complex life. The group was divided in its opinions regarding this book.  One  loved it,  one or two disliked it,  whilst the rest of us […]

Book Club 1 – November

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman An intriguing subject, was Eleanor autistic or suffering from extreme childhood neglect and loneliness?  Reading these words sounds a depressing read to look forward to, on the contrary, in places it was extremely funny, in others very moving, certainly worth reading. Lyn Caldwell

Book Club 1 – October

The Night Visitor  –  Lucy Atkins The tale of Olivia and Viviian.  A tale of ambition and manipulation and  of secrets, lies and revelations.   The characters are well drawn and the majority of us recommend this book  – a compelling read.

Book Club 1 – September

 Reservoir 13        Jon McGregor A girl goes missing but village life goes on as it must.    The author follows the   rhythms of the natural world  and the highs and lows of the villagers’ lives  as the years roll on.   As usual,  not everyone was keen  but those that were loved it. Cherry […]

Book Club 1 – August

The White Princess   by   Philippa  Gregory. Employing her in-depth research,  Gregory has skilfully woven her novel around the lives of Elizabeth of York and her husband Henry VII from the period immediately following  the Wars of the Roses.   The narrative is filled with intrigues and betrayals involving and surrounding the many vividly portrayed characters. We all […]

Book Club 1 – July

The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year Sue Townsend The novel is a humorous take on the social issues of a dis-functional family which involves numerous quirky characters. The narrative is lively but the majority of us did not take very enthusiastically to the book. However, two of our members did enjoy the […]

Book Club 1 – June

The Muse  –  Jessie Burton Convinced her art dealer father will scorn her paintings because she is a woman, Olive hides her considerable talent by claiming that her friend Isaac was their creator.  Living in Spain in the late 1930’s ,  their lives are changed forever by the civil war.       In London thirty […]

Book Club 1 – February

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier It was refreshing to reread this classic novel.    Those of us who had read this book in their salad days felt they now had clearer insight into du Maurier’s novel, and we all agreed that the ‘Rebecca’ films were not a patch on the book.  We loved the leisurely and […]