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Book Club – November 2021

Our book club choice for October was Mayflies by Andrew O’Hagan. A very deep discussion was held between our members because the book was ultimately about euthanasia. Having said that, it starts with a riotous weekend away for a group of eighteen year old boys and the characterisation and thought processes of the boys are beautifully […]

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Book Club – October 2021

We met at our new venue yesterday, Louisa’s Place in St. Mary’s Road and we had a very interesting discussion of our latest “good read”.  It was a translation from the French and was “A Bag of Marbles”  by Joseph Joffo. The story was that of two young Jewish boys whose father decided he had to […]

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Book Club – August 2021

We  had an interesting discussion on “A Thousand Moons” by Sebastian Barry which is a sequel to a previous book which we’d read by him. Six of nine really, really loved it and the other three were less keen. It is the story of an adopted native American girl living in Tennessee in the aftermath […]

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Book Club – July 2021

Book Club today was a discussion on “Shuggie Bain” by Douglas Stuart. It was the Booker Winner this year and we all found it remarkable. The story is set in 1980s Glasgow and Shuggie is the youngest in a family of three whose mother is an alcoholic. She is pathetic and endearing and loves her […]

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Book Club – May 2021

Book club continues to thrive, more so in the last two months because we are now on Zoom. It has been so good to discuss literature face to face. A couple of our members have left (moving away etc) and so we have room for perhaps three people. Please get in touch if you would […]

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Book Club – December 2020

Our book club is tottering along via e-mail and nice chats with members and we all hope we can be together again in  2021. Our October book didn’t really appeal to many of us although two people who have visited Jordan liked it better than those of us who haven’t. It was called “The Language of Baklava” by […]

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Book Club

I am trying so hard to keep book club going and am supported by loyal people who love to read as much as I do and whose choices widen one’s own selections. This month we read “Hamnet” by Maggie O’Farrell and I really cannot recommend it highly enough, It is beautifully written and it is set in […]

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Book Club – September 2020

We are struggling to keep Book Club going but each month a book is suggested and some of us read it and let me know their views. We can’t wait to be able to get together again. This month we have read “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. Set in backwoods America it is a story […]

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Book Club – July 2020

We are trying to keep our Book Club going by emails etc and nice chats and last month we read A Postillion Struck by Lightning by Dirk Bogarde which surprised most of us by being a rather nice lyrical read of a childhood, quite unconventional, in the twenties and thirties. He wrote well and very sympathetically and I certainly […]

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Book Club – June 2020

  I was advised by a neighbour to take my car out to stop it running out of battery after about five weeks of lockdown. When I got home I penned the following:   Market Harborough   This market town is like a ghostly ship Empty of crew, of Master and of sound Where are the […]