Art History


Where and when

We meet at 10am on the first Monday of the month in the Bowden Room.

Contact details

Angela Deane 01858 431111


Art History – December

We have had a busy and interesting year exploring the life and work of the Romantic artists including Constable, Friedrich, David and Delacroix.  We also looked at the history of Still Life painting and behind the scenes at Dulwich Picture Gallery.  The meeting about Edward Hopper proved very popular with much discussion about his work […]


Art History – November

Our next meeting is on Monday 3rd December and we will begin our study of the Impressionist painters starting with Edouard Manet.  Our DVD is ‘Manet – The Man Who Invented Modern Art’.  Manet’s work was remarkable for its modernity, both in technique and subject matter – qualities which attracted the admiration of a group […]

Art History – October

Our next meeting will be on 5th November when we will watch the final episode in the ‘Art of France’ series. This focuses on the Impressionists and explains how their approach to painting influenced subsequent modern art movements.  The term ‘Impressionist’ was first used as an insult in response to an exhibition of new paintings […]

Art History – September

At our meeting on 1st October we will watch a DVD from the BBC ‘History of British Art’ series.  The episode looks at the Pre- Raphaelite movement.  In 1848, seven students at London’s Royal Academy formed a secret society called the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB).  The students wanted to move away from the sombre colour palettes, […]

Dulwich picture gallery

Art History – August

Our next meeting is on 3rd September when we will watch a DVD about Dulwich Picture Gallery, the oldest public art gallery in Britain.  The film looks at work ‘behind the scenes’ including picture restoration and the staging of exhibitions.  Designed by Sir John Soane and opened to the public in 1817, the gallery is […]

Art History – July

At our meeting on Monday 6th August we will watch a DVD that explains how art in France took a dramatic turn following the French Revolution of 1789.  We will explore the work of French artists including Jacques-Louis David – whose art appeared on the barricades and in the streets – and also Delacroix, Ingres […]

portrait of Edward Hopper

Art History – June

‘If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint’. (Edward Hopper) At our meeting on 2nd July we will watch a DVD about Edward Hopper (1882 – 1967). The film examines American realist painter Edward Hopper’s life, including interviews with people who knew him, and with those inspired by his […]

Art History – March

Following on from John Constable last month, we will continue to explore ‘Romantic’ art with a look at some of the German painters of that period.  On Monday, 2nd April we will watch a DVD about the work of Friedrich, Runge and Richter who were key figures of German Romanticism. These artists hoped to promote […]

Art History – February

We continue our studies by looking at the art of the ‘Romantic’ painters. At our meeting on 5th March we will watch a DVD about the life and work of John Constable, one of the best known of the English Landscape artists.  This will be followed by a discussion and contributions from the group. John […]

Art History – December meeting

We will watch a DVD: Quentin Blake:  Paintings from the National Gallery to tie in with Compton Verney exhibition until 17th December and a second DVD: Soup Cans & Superstars – How Pop Art Changed The World.  Some interesting discussion will follow the DVDs.  Linda Carruthers.