A Message from our Chairman

Recently I attended a New Members’ coffee gathering and I must admit that I came away feeling very impressed by the enthusiasm and ‘Joie de Vivre’ displayed by the attendees.  Many of them had read my note of last month and expressed strong views on the viability of our association and where we are going.  The positive attitude shown by these members and the number of them that made suggestions, or offered to be involved in one way or another, gave me a great feeling.  Like many of our members, they were aware that the SLU3A can continue only with the active participation of its membership and were determined to play their part.
With this great result ‘under my belt’, I felt that this was the ideal time to remind all our members that while we strive to ensure that members can benefit from belonging and are able to ‘Learn, Laugh and Live’ as the U3A motto spells out, this can only be achieved by our active participation and willingness to give a little extra of our time.  SLU3A is a self-help organisation and that means it depends on members to ensure that it is able to continue offering the membership the wide variety of activities that we presently enjoy.  Don Collins.