A Message from our Chairman

Another year is upon us and like all of you, I am wondering what it has in store for us. The weather at the moment is not being very kind to us but I, for one, am looking forward the “blue skies “ that are created for me by SLU3A. The friendship and camaraderie that I get from the members makes everything worthwhile and the continued success of our group activities is something that makes me feel good.
This year we are looking to make sure that this continues and that you the members will keep coming up with ideas for new activities. Our Group Organisers are always willing to discuss any new thoughts. Of course, the success that we have now is thanks to the efforts of the Committee and our support of them is crucial to this continuing in this new year. To this end, I am asking you all to think about the possibility of giving a little more of your time by offering to become members of this group and making sure that the SLU3A story goes on so that we all may continue to enjoy the benefits and fun that we now have.

Don Collins