A Message from our Chairman

This is the time of year when we all think of families and friends with love and best wishes for the season. This also rings true when applied to you the members of SLU3A who give your time and effort towards organising and participating in activity groups.
The “bonhomie” that is present in all our activities is down to you. This is something that all clubs and associations rely on and I can safely say that from my point of view “we have it in Spades”..
Recently, I have been pursuing the membership with regard to its participation in creating and maintaining the Committee which is vitally important to the wellbeing of our association. I must say that you have responded to the call and we can now feel a lot happier with the future of SLU3A and it continuing well into the future.
There is little else to say except that on behalf of the Committee and myself we wish the most joyous of Christmas’s and that the new year brings you all good health and happiness.

Don Collins