A Message from our Chairman

The evenings may be drawing in and the weather not very welcoming but I am happy to say that the sun is continuing to shine over SLU3A.  The reason for my optimism being that many of you, the members, have expressed your support for our association and your determination that it should continue to be the vibrant club that it is.  Given that this is so, your committee is putting a lot of effort into planning and preparing for the future so that we can look forward to happily being involved in activities that are both interesting and enjoyable.
The variety of pursuits that can be undertaken by members is a source of wonder to me.  I really must pay respect to the Group Leaders who have taken on the responsibility for organising these many, different, interests and maintaining the obvious enjoyment in the groups.  This has to continue and the members of these groups hopefully will carry on ensuring their viability.  Finally, I would just like to say that I hope you all continue to enjoy your membership, as well as gaining experience and perhaps knowledge from your participation.  Don Collins.