Railway Exploration – July

Group members had a fine day for the field trip to the heritage railway at Chapel Brampton and were pleasantly surprised to see the amount of progress that has been made since our last visit several years ago.  The Stationmaster’s hostelry provided excellent morning coffee and lunch to round things off.  Next month we will be back to normal routine at the  Bowling Club where the usual suspects will provide ongoing entertainment.  Though not short of members we have plenty of room for newcomers and you will receive a warm welcome – do come along for a (free) taster session.  When it comes to the study of railways, we aim to reach the parts that the others don’t always get to!

Dudley Brown on behalf of Phil Danks

The July meeting starts with a musical theme.  I’ll also be showing some recently unearthed 1960s local photos & video.  We’ll then get down to serious business with a look at the ancestry of the InterCity 125HST and Tony Cook will make a start on his recently completed Vol 4 of the  Fascinating Stations series.  Coffee & biscuits will be served beforehand during our “natter” session but you will need to bring your own ice-creams & popcorn for the main session!

Dudley Brown

Chapel Brampton

Chapel Brampton