Quilty Pleasures – August

Our quilting group has taken advantage of lockdown to complete all those projects, which we had been meaning to undertake or had not finished. The finished articles are quite stunning. The Linus project quilt is coming along and one member has completed one quilt and another quilter is progressing well with hers. Our WhatsApp group […]

Strollers – August 2020

As we are a group which meets outdoors we are being encouraged, with guidelines, to start STROLLING again. To this end Julia and Colin will lead a stroll on Friday 11th September in Medbourne (this was published in the July newsletter). Park near the school to meet up at 10.15am – remember social distancing and […]


We have been in touch with the Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester and they are unable to gain access to the museum at the present time and are awaiting a decision from the City Council as to when they can. In the light of the uncertainty of the situation, we have therefore made the decision […]

Transport – August

Queen of the Skies In July British Airways announced that they would immediately retire its entire Boeing 747-400 fleet of 30 aircraft due to the disruption in the aviation industry as a result of the coronavirus. The first flight of a 747 took place on February 9, 1969. The 747 was certified in December of […]

Science & Technology- August

As Time goes by In 1840 a standard time was established in Britain when the Great Western Railway used the electric telegraph to synchronise local mean times to a single standard time. By 1855, time signals from an electro-magnetic clock at Greenwich were sent through wires alongside the railway lines across the length and breadth […]

Using scraps and leftovers

Time during social isolation has been well used to catch up with items on our to do lists.  In my case I have enjoyed sewing, using unwanted and donated cushion pads, together with fabric offcuts and recycled zips, to make cushions for the next village fete or bazaar. Evenings watching Netflix or BBCiPlayer have enabled […]

Cycling 3rd Friday – July 2020

I hope that you have been able to get out and do some cycling over the last few months. We restarted our group rides on 17th July with a scenic 18m circuit from the Tollemache Arms in Harrington, many thanks to Paul Simpson for leading the ride. The rides are around 16 – 20miles and […]

New Experiences – July 2020

I hope members enjoyed the lockdown picture quizzes, producing them kept me busy until we were allowed out again. Now we are back up and running, it’s been great to see people again and we kicked off in July with a small group of us cycling at Pitsford reservoir. Here’s Stuart, Irene and Helen cycling […]

Bridge (Tuesday morning) – August 2020

According to the UK government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, the risk of spreading the Covid 19 virus is greatest when people from multiple households (particularly those over 70) gather together in close proximity, indoors, for a prolonged period of time, which pretty much describes what we want to be able to do again […]

Listening to Jazz – July 2020

Hi All, This week I started off by listening to a cd by Helen Sung (Re)Conception 2009, in trio with Peter Washington on bass and Lewis Nash on drums. This is an early recording by a recent/current Minguns Big Band pianist, one well worth searching out. She’s technically proficient, thoughtful and interesting , and here […]