Membership secretary

We are now fully into the season for the payment of the Annual Subscriptions, the renewal date for payment being the 01 May 2020. Many thanks to all those members who have already paid, which is now over 50% of the total SLU3A Membership. In view of the current situation,  which has necessitated the cancellation of the […]

Railway Exploration – May 2020

The Railway Exploration Group has been busy during lockdown in swapping information & ideas by email. Members have now written a series of mini-articles on a number of railway topics ranging in scope from “Thomas Hardy’s reflections on the impact of railways in Victorian times” to a personal experience of “Ghost Trains”. We have also […]

Strollers – May 2020

In these unusual times, which we hope will end shortly, we know of 2 planned strolls, one at Smeeton Westerby, the other at Medbourne. When we will be able to stroll them is the unknown. Looking back, we remember one stroll with 17 stiles, the surprise view of Harringworth Viaduct, one that had lots of […]


Every day seems perfect for Tennis at the moment- that’s life I guess!!! The good news is that work is progressing steadily on the new Club House, so we can look forward to  comfortable refreshment breaks when we return. Rita Moth

Music Appreciation (2) – May 2020

I’m spending some time checking through my CD collection to find some items we haven’t heard before. There are also some very good performances on Iplayer and YouTube  if you care to delve. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side. Geoffrey Moth

Listening to Jazz – May

Some members have been listening to the classical and pop stuff, for which the group leader forgives them, as he is doing likewise from time to time. Members receive a weekly Newsletter from said leader, reflecting on what he has listened to over the past week. Such choices are made at random from his 3000+ […]