Evening Walking – May 2020

The evening walking group has been enjoying a thriving WhatsApp group with members posting photographs taken on their daily exercise walks (or ones from past walks) and challenging the rest of the group to identify the locations. Dave has created a presentation entitled “What on Earth” which he has saved as a video that you […]

Louise Elsome

Group Enabler May 2020

Although it’s a lot quieter on the Group News front, it’s been heartening to hear that many of you have been keeping in touch whether by phone calls or via social media. A few weeks ago I’d never heard of Zoom…. how things have changed! All Group Leaders have been asked to share what their […]

Crafting for Charities

  The eeriness of our quiet streets may have prompted one member to crochet these Martians!  We are keeping in touch by WhatsApp and email. Helen Salisbury

walking boots

Walking  all day – May 2020

  We hope that all members are keeping well and trying to maintain fitness by at least taking advantage of being allowed a daily local walk. The longer we are limited in what we can do the more difficult it will be to get started again. Oh for a long walk with plenty of mud, […]

Music Appreciation 1 – May 2020

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 5 Holdenby Close at 10am. Each meeting lasts for two hours. Hopefully, we may be able to meet again on Tuesday 21 July.  How fortunate we are to have so much music at our fingertips on CDs and DVDs and on the BBC. The current […]


From the Chair

Whether we are in the throes of a pandemic or not and in a state of lockdown, we must not lose sight of the fact that this month SLU3A celebrates 20 very successful years.  The actual date is 24th May.  We have moved the anniversary event to May 2021, when we plan to celebrate our […]

Music Appreciation 2 – May 2020

During the last two weeks of my lock down I have been slowly wading through Anton Bruckner’s 8th Symphony. My introduction to this piece has been by courtesy of the May B.B.C Music Magazine which includes a C.D with each edition.  Bruckner spent 4 years completing this symphony, a very large work in every respect, On this […]

Art History – May 2020

The group have been staying in touch by email and phone.  We have been sharing ideas about TV programmes including those available on BBC iplayer, virtual exhibitions and gallery visits, the Google Art Project and films on YouTube.  As I write this, ( 27th April) tonight on BBC 4 there is a new series called […]

Drawing and Painting – May 2020

The Drawing and Painting Group remains resolutely upbeat in the face of the problems and stresses that face us all. We are in constant contact via email, developing and exchanging ideas and good practice. As always, group members continue to explore their individual ideas and projects, but, for anyone in need of focus, and in […]