Photography – May report

In May our theme was Lockdown. In the  gallery on the right of our activity group’s opening screen you can see them all. Here is a selection:

Wednesday Half Day Walking – May

I think we’ve walked to every adjoining village of Great Bowden and Market Harborough during the last few weeks of Lockdown, each walk anything from 6 to 9 mile long. Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken en route. See if you can guess where they are. I’ll add the answers sometime on Monday 15th June. […]

Bird Watching – bird anagrams

Some of you may have seen/done this from the LRWT Lockdown Lowdowns I email out but here it is for anybody else who’s looking for something to do and get the brain ticking over. Enjoy! Bruce    

Bird Watching May Report

Still not allowed out in a group I decided we could do a Garden Watch on our bird watching day. Members were asked to spend as little or as much time as they had to record the birds seen or heard in or from their garden, not interested in numbers as such but the number […]

Stripes are in!

A chance to make good use of lots of odds and ends of yarns that were donated last summer, so stripes are in!  These items are for the Kasupe project in Malawi.

More useful links from national U3A

Photography – upload photos.  Theme changes every 2 weeks.    Birdtrak – submit your photos and text about birds spotted in your garden.     Maths Challenge – problems and puzzles to solve     Ideas to Keep Learning – suggestions various U3As, guides on how to use aspects  of IT and lots of links […]

Photography – April 2020 Report

We met on line again in April and shared the photographs we had taken on the theme of ‘Reflection’. You can see many of these in the  gallery on the front page of our Activity Group section, and here is a selection:

Kevin’s Town Names Quiz

Kevin Millard has produced a picture quiz to amuse us while we are stuck at home. The answers are all names of UK towns and cities. You can see Kevin’s quiz on town names here. He will supply the answers in time for the June newsletter so you have plenty of time to work them […]

20th Birthday Video

Here is the video that Kevin has been working on that was to have been on show at our 20th Birthday celebrations.  As we have had to change that to 21st birthday celebrations which are now due to be held in May 2021, it is likely that the video will have changed by then with […]