Walking (Half Day – Wednesday) – September meeting

The September walk is on Wednesday, September 13th, and will start from Gretton Village Hall, which is on Kirby Road.  Our normal 10am start applies.  The walk is circa five miles, mainly on farm tracks, pasture land and quiet roads and will take in Kirby Hall.  Currently this group is at capacity – do please […]

Music Appreciation (Friday) – August meeting

At our August meeting we listened to music by Camille Saint-Sans.  Starting with his less familiar Cello Concerto we moved on to his first Violin Concerto and followed this by the ‘Carnival of the Animals’, which was written to amuse his students at the Societe National de Musique which he founded in 1871 to promote […]

Papercraft and More

We have been making an ‘array’ of hedgehogs out of old books, and we have ended up with a beautiful set of decorated animals.  At our next meeting we will start making special Christmas cards.  Why not come along and see what we do, even join in!  We are a small group of ladies (but […]

Play Reading (Shakespeare) – September meeting

When we meet on the 13th September we will finish reading Macbeth and start to watch the DVD.  Last month when we started reading the play, we were given parts and everyone enjoyed being an actor.  However, we do need a few more ‘actors’, so if you enjoy Shakespeare’s plays, do come and join us. […]

An Important Note for Everyone – WE NEED YOU

Is SLU3A about to experience its own Armageddon? It is a fact that at the present time we are very blessed to have a strong, active and solidly participative membership who support and take part in our activity groups and our monthly meetings. However, what must be remembered is that any association like ours can […]

Wine Tasting – September meeting

The date of our September meeting has been brought forward a week from the 21st to the 14th – usual time and place.  In addition to tasting a selection of Chilean white wine chosen by Jon, we will be discussing the programme for 2018 and the future of the group.  On October 26th we return […]


September is a month when we see lots of spiders.  At the Medical University in Hannover tests have been carried out on the use of spiders’ silk as a way to repair damaged nerves too big to respond to usual treatment.  The web of the golden orb spider is more tear-resistant than nylon and has […]

The Treasury Team – September ramblings

Year 2018 U3A Slimline diaries selling at £2-50 each are now waiting for members who cannot contemplate a diary-less New Year.  If you would like to make a reservation or a purchase, please contact Margaret or David or see us at the Membership Desk at General Meetings.  As we have said before keep an eye […]

playing cards

Bridge (Tuesday pm)

We are a friendly group who play mainly rubber bridge to a good standard, and if you would  like to join us we meet every Tuesday from 2-4pm in the Langton Room.  No partner necessary.  Don Collins & Anne Mitchell.