Ukulele – March meeting

In March, we had fun playing and singing songs with the theme of ‘Numbers’, eg: Two Little Boys, Three Little Birds, Eight Days a Week, 500 Miles, etc.  Some of us (Strictly Ukuleles) have performed three concerts this month to local audiences, and they all want to re-book us!  We enjoy performing, but enjoy even […]

Singing for Fun – March meeting

As we’ve now grown to expect, another grand afternoon’s singing with a lovely crowd of eighteen songsters, two of whom were newcomers on a ‘tasting’ visit.  Judith got the show on the road with some voice projection and posture exercises and alternated with me in introducing (and playing) a wide variety of different genres of […]

Walking (Half Day – Tuesday) – April Meeting

The next walk on Tuesday, 4th April, will be a walk at Pitsford Reservoir.  Please meet at The George Inn, Brixworth, near Northampton, at 10am to order food.  We will drive to the car park next to the causeway on Pitsford reservoir, about five minutes down the Holcot road, where there is a  parking charge of about £3. […]

Card Craft (No 2) – March meetings

The March report already!  We are officially in Spring, although you could be forgiven for thinking it is summer here, as I write this from Liverpool.  What has that to do with cardmaking you may ask?  Not a lot, except that I was getting inspiration this morning for future projects as I was out and […]

four people walking on path between trees

Walking (Half Day – Thursday) – April meeting

Our next walk is on 20th April.  It will be from Mowsley to Laughton Hills and will cover about 4.5 miles.  The start time is 10am and we should finish by 12.30.  The meeting point is St Nicholas parish church in Main Street, Mowsley and the most direct route from Market Harborough is the A4304 […]

walking boots

Walking (All Day) – April meeting

The next walk, which will be led by Maryan Richardson, will be on 27th April starting at 10am from the playing fields car park in Cold Ashby.  The directions to the start when travelling from Naseby to Cold Ashby are as follows: after the sharp right bend on entering the village, at the next sharp […]


In 1790, German scholar Georg Christoph Lichtenberg was puzzled; eighty years later so was Charles Darwin, both wondering if people blush in the dark.  Because blushing is a social response to shame or embarrassment they, and many experts, thought it might not happen when no-one can see your face.  But now German and Dutch scientists […]

Walking (Evening) – May meeting

The first evening walk will start in Braybrooke at 7pm on Tuesday, 16th May, and will be approximately 3.5 miles.  Full details of the walk will appear later. Other dates for our evening walks will be Thursday 22nd June, Thursday 20th July and Tuesday 1st August.  If you would like more information, do please contact […]

Join the Committee – Part 2!

The Constitution of SLU3A calls for (not more than) 15 members to be appointed annually to the Executive Committee.  The Officers – chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer – shall be appointed annually by decision of the Executive Committee at its first meeting after each Annual General Meeting. We are therefore urgently seeking a number […]