The Treasury Team – March ramblings

Margaret and David have been just a tad busy during the last week or two with the whole range of tasks surrounding the annual renewal of members’ subscriptions.  We have completed the creation of well over 1000 new membership cards each showing a member’s name and number – not high priority on the menu for […]

Bird Watching (Thursday)

We had an excellent day at Brandon Marsh, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s HQ and flagship reserve just a couple of miles our side of Coventry.  I think some of our group would have been quite content to sit in the café and just watch the birds on the feeders!  Well, there were nuthatch, reed bunting and […]

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Creative Writing for Fun – March meeting

Take up your pens or open your laptops and write.  Those of us who attend CREATIVE WRITING prove that each subject invokes many interesting images in the minds of our small band of members.  Give your capacity for expression a try and share your stories with us.  Friendly group – tea served! The subject for […]

Photography (Digital)

Spring is round the corner, cameras at the ready?  Although our ranks are filling, new members remain very welcome.  As a member you are invited to take a dozen photos on the month’s set subject.  The programme is: March (17th): Old technology (or museum). April (21st): Street furniture. May (19th): A town/village/street of choice. We […]

Play the Ukulele!

The Ukulele Group is a really friendly group, which meets up to have fun by playing our ukuleles and singing along for all we are worth.  It doesn’t matter one bit how well we play or sing, we just enjoy having a go. The group first met in August 2014 with three attendees, two of […]

Singing for Fun

Hello fellow singers: We managed very well on Friday despite Judith’s absence abroad (in Wales) when George manfully led us in unaccompanied singing through a couple of dozen songs that he had prepared.  I steered us through the second half of the session using music from vinyl records and cassette tapes.  Judith will be back […]

Society Today – February meeting

Global warming is the most threatening trend humanity is now facing.  Chris Brown, a member of our group, took us through a very informative and clear analysis of this, calmly drawing our attention to the disasters to come as well as the interlinked aspects and dreadful outcomes of the many, if small, increases in temperature. […]

Why Quilt?

Why Quilt? Quilters are often asked: Why quilt?  It’s a legitimate question.  Historically, quilting was a utilitarian craft.  People needed to make quilts to keep warm at night and generally, resources were scarce so the small pieces of fabric from used articles were sewn together to make a larger piece of fabric to create a […]