Patchwork & Quilting (No 1) – March meetings

We started our group project this month and I am astonished at how quickly everyone is producing such lovely work!  We started now to be in plenty of time for the Open Morning but I think we still would have made it had we waited until September, such is the speed of our ‘production line’, […]

Music Appreciation (Tuesday) – March meeting

At our March meeting, Peter chose a programme of music by Beethoven (1772-1827).  We began with the Overture ‘Fidelio’ and this was followed by the ‘Piano Sonata No. 9 in E major’ and the ‘Romance No. 2 in F major for Violin and Piano’.  The pre-coffee session finished with the ‘Symphony No. 5 in C […]

Architecture – March meeting

At our March meeting, Trish gave us a wide ranging talk on the architecture of textile mills.  We started with the ‘satanic mills’ of the early eighteenth century, through the ‘iron-framed mills’ of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century to the more flamboyant brick built mills of the late nineteenth century.  During our tour […]