Biff and Chip and the morning after

(Recently … The Social Evening is still in full swing, although Biff has left early. Miss Lovelace, one of the lovely librarians, is getting to know Chip better…)

After Thelma’s dramatic departure, Louise and Chip enjoyed the relative peace.

“Well, this is nice,” said Chip.

“Librarians don’t like that word,” announced Louise, in a mock official tone.


“We prefer … Romantic.”

Suddenly, there was a loud click and the floodlights were extinguished, to be replaced by the soft glow of moonlight.

“Now, Coach, I’m really impressed!”

“Ach no, they’re on a timer and it’s ten o’clock.”

“Well, as you’re Management, aren’t you going to offer to buy me a drink?” Louise tried a totally unconvincing brazen smile.

“Of course, that would be my pleasure. I’d love to offer you a Mojita … “

“Por favour, senor, a Spanish cocktail.”

“But that’s not going to happen now. What about a brandy and Babycham?”

Thy both chuckled and re-entered the main room.


“So what happened to you last night?” Thelma’s question was part curious, part accusatory.

“As you know, Biff wasn’t feeling too good. He had been drinking and he felt a bit guilty and combined with his painkillers, he just wanted to get home. So I organised a taxi and jumped in with him.”

Thelma looked hard at Cyril and without even asking the question, Cyril felt compelled to continue.

“He’s surprisingly passionate, you know.”

“WHAT?” Thelma couldn’t help herself. “What do you mean, passionate?” she blurted out.

“Well, I thought he was only interested in football. You know, free kicks and penalties and all that but actually if he you get him to talk about his day job…”

“You mean at the abattoir!?”

“Yes, exactly. He really cares about all those ‘beasts’ as he calls them. It’s to do with Animal Welfare. He told me that he’s always getting on at the vetinaries and making them take it seriously. He says that if he wasn’t a bit of a local celebratory, he probably would have got the sack.”