Sorry to report no recent activity, no strolls, but we know that some strollers (good news) have had the jab.

You may like to follow the  instructions below for a stroll around Great Bowden, which we had planned for January. When things get back to near normal we would like to do it as a group stroll, but until then try it for yourselves. Even if you are not in Strollers please feel free to do it.

Stay safe and let us know if you do the stroll.

Julia & Colin Ford  Group Coordinators   01858 463129


Park alongside the wall of the churchyard, then from the main gates of the Church cross the road to a five barred gate, there is a footpath just to the right of this.

Follow this footpath, with a wall to you left, past the Village Hall, past a couple of cottages and into Knights End Lane, keep on the path and at the end are two no entry signs go through these and follow the road round to the right until you get to a T junction with Station Road. Cross the road and continue slightly uphill to the entrance of the Recreation Ground.

Turn right into the Rec. Soon you will find the Cricket Pavilion to the left. Turn left behind it and then stroll three sides of the cricket pitch until you get to the bridge over the railway. Go up and over this, there are good handrails, go through the kissing gate at the bottom of the steps and continue ahead with a hedge to your right. Pass a wide gateway, which is often muddy, then go through a metal kissing gate which is on the right a few yards further on.

Cross the field in front of you to another metal kissing gate, go through, carry on to meet a main road. Turn right and stay on the footpath over the road railway bridge then slightly downhill to a staggered crossroads, school to the right and Manor Road over on the left. Take Manor Road.

The footpath is on the right hand side. When a road comes in from the right, cross this new road and follow round to the right into Welham Lane. Continue ahead on the pavement. When the road and pavement bend round to the right carry straight on over a triangle of grass in the middle of the road to pick up the pavement again on the far side.  Pass the seat, ahead and to the left are the kennels for the foxhounds; you may hear them. In front of  Nether House go right to pass between the new houses, continue until you get to a footpath, on the left a fence and on the right a stone wall. T his will lead you into the churchyard, then just follow the path along the back of the church until you arrive at the main gate and can see your car. Over on the right both Weltons and Bowden Stores offer takeaways.

Takes about an hour.            Enjoy your stroll.

Julia & Colin Ford  Group Coordinators   01858 463129