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Courier Fraud and other scams

21st January 2021

  Leicestershire Police have sent this update to their information on avoiding scams that we need to take note of, especially at this time of Covid lockdowns. It covers several types of telephone scam and how to avoid being caught by them.  It also introduces a device to attach to your landline which intercepts calls […]

January Monthly Meeting

11th January 2021

At our January Monthly Meeting Bill Rayner told us “How to spot a serial killer”

From the Chair

8th January 2021


Well, I wonder what challenges 2021 will offer us?  Whatever they are, I know that SLU3A members will continue to rise to them and ensure that we remain a thriving organisation.  Yes, for the time being we will need to continue to make full use of a range of technology out there to keep in […]

Group enabler

8th January 2021

Louise Elsome

2021 has arrived and no doubt we’re all glad to put 2020 behind us and are looking forward to a brighter and better year. I hope you all had a restful Festive Season and were able to celebrate in some way. Unfortunately, the current restrictions mean that it will be a while until groups can […]

Membership Secretary

8th January 2021

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy New Year. We can but hope that 2021 will be a much better year than 2020 and that we can finally all meet up together again. Hopefully either in the late Spring or in the Summer if the vaccination campaign is successful” […]

Speaker coordinator

8th January 2021

Liz Brett

I know that many of you have been joining us for our monthly Zoom meetings, and this is the way we will continue into the new year.  We start off on Monday 11th January with what promises to be a fascinating talk,  on ‘How to Catch a Serial Killer’ by speaker Bill Rayner.  On Monday […]

National U3A Covid-19 advice

1st January 2021

u3a – Covid-19 advice on u3a activities Links to advice from other organisations  

Market Harborough town Treasure Hunt

19th December 2020

Market Harborough town Treasure Hunt You probably know that Thomas Cook’s idea to offer excursions came to him while walking from his home in Market Harborough to Leicester to attend a meeting. There’s lots more information about famous people, places and events dotted around the town and the challenge is to find them all by […]

Not just a Christmas Quiz

16th December 2020

Here is a video of our December Monthly Meeting. It’s not just the December Quiz – there are some readings and also images of what some of our craft groups have been up to this year. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of Singing for Fun!

11th December 2020

Membership Secretary I still have small number of the 2021 U3A Diaries still available for sale. These are one of the best diaries available and excellent as Christmas presents and cheaper compared to comparable diaries sold by other organisations such as the WI. If you wish to purchase one, the cost is £3.50 including postage.  It can be […]

Group Enabler

10th December 2020

Louise Elsome

Group Enabler Although the past few weeks have been quiet for our groups, activities have been taking place in different ways. There has been an increase in groups using Zoom, including the Birdwatchers, Art History and Papercraft, while Local History is making plans to meet remotely in January. The opportunity is there now for our […]

From the Chair

10th December 2020

Helen Salisbury - Chair

I am looking forward to reading a bumper edition of our newsletter this month, reflecting the innovative activity that groups and members have been enjoying during this unusual year in order to follow interests and keep in touch.  More locally, there has been an opportunity to help those that may be facing hardship at the […]