Bird Watching (Thursday) – July meeting

Amongst butterflies seen when we visited Watermead Country Park were Large and Small Skippers, Red Admiral and Gatekeeper; dragon/damselflies included Banded Demoiselle, Four-spotted and Broad-bodied Chasers, Brown Hawkers and Emperors.  Ooh, we also saw lots of birds!  A red kite was being mobbed by not just a couple of crows/jackdaws but a whole flock of […]

Walking (Strollers) – July & September meetings

Nineteen members came on our July walk and enjoyed a stroll in and around Clipston and then a pub lunch.  It was nice to see some very pretty gardens in the village.  On September 9th we will be meeting at The Shoulder of Mutton pub in Great Bowden, at 10.15 for a 10.30 start when […]

Photography (Digital) – July & August meetings

Nine out of group of fifteen members assembled in July with our offerings – this month the topic was ‘Landscapes’.  Not only were very many photographs stunning, but the story behind many of them interesting.  The topic for our next meeting on 19th August is Flowers/Fruit (either or both).  We seem to be settling on […]

Science and Technology – August meeting

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 24th August, in the Langton Room at 2pm.  Robert Forrest will be presenting a talk entitled ‘The Origin of the Chemical Elements’, this talk is a follow up to last month’s talk by Peter Ellement.  As a point of interest Sherlock Holmes never said ‘Elementary my dear […]

Transport Group – September meeting

The Transport Group meets at the Little Bowden Bowling Club, Kettering Rd, Market Harborough, on the first Wednesday of the month from 10am until noon.  The next meeting will take place on the 7th of September when Alan Tuck will be showing a film ‘Paddle Steamers on the Thames Estuary’.  This should be a nostalgic […]

Walking (Evening) – July & August meetings

We had a record turnout last month at Medbourne, which I credit entirely to Frank being the leader.  This augurs well for the future as Frank has volunteered to organise the group next summer.  So thanks Frank on both counts.  The last walk this year is on Tuesday, 16th August, from the Tollemache Arms in […]

Wine Tasting – July & September meetings

The Piedmont is the source of some beautiful wines and provided three excellent examples for our July meeting, including a delicious Gavi (La Toledana – Majestic – £11.99).  However, it also provided a most disappointing Barola, which received this year’s lowest group score; so much for a famous name!  We do not meet in August […]

Cycling – September meeting

Our thanks to June and Pete for the July ride enjoyed by sixteen of our members.  The next ride is on Friday, 2nd September, and is led by John T (01536 760768/07773 703992) and Rosemary (07799 627145).  The ride will include the villages of Cranoe, Glooston, Goadby and Noseley.  Please meet at The Old Red […]