Drawing and Painting for Pleasure – May meeting

The idea of watching a DVD on techniques then implementing them worked well and made a refreshing change.  Granulating medium was something new to us all.  Cornelia will bring the next DVD on watercolour techniques by a well known artist and we hope for even more ideas!  We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays […]

Society Today – May meeting

Our May meeting on ‘Is the generation-gap in our society widening?’ produced a very varied and thoughtful discussion involving the themes of education, moral values and prosperity.  On balance, we saw no major extension of different values arising between our social classes.  As ever, politicians were given the label: ‘They are all the same’.  It […]

Music (60s) – June meeting

The next meeting of the 60s Music Group will be held on the 19th June at the Oathill pub, Little Bowden, commencing at 7 o’clock.  All welcome!

Civilisations of the Past

At our next meeting at 2.30pm on the 23rd June, St Nicholas Church, Little Bowden, Ernie hopes to talk about “Some Canals in Ancient Times”.  All welcome! For more information on our small, friendly group, please contact:  Ernie Parsons 01536 760141.

Wine Tasting – June meeting

Our next meeting on 23rd June will be our summer food and wine evening, when we will taste eight different wines and a selection of French cheeses and pates.  If you are not sure of the arrangements please contact me immediately:  Sylvia is organising the transport.  Peter will bring a selection of wines from the […]

Bird Watching (Thursday) – May meeting

Two new sites for us last month were Sence Valley Forest Park and LRWT’s Kelham Bridge, both just outside Ibstock in North West Leicestershire.  The usual array of warblers at both sites, plus swifts and hirundines.  Cuckoo was heard several times in both places, but unfortunately not seen.  Seen but not heard was a willow […]

Play Reading (Modern)

In Coward’s ‘Relative Values’ the status quo at the aristocratic Marshwood family home is under threat.  The young Earl of Marshwood has announced his engagement to a Hollywood actress who, it transpires, is also the mean-spirited, selfish and deceitful younger sister of the loyal and much loved ladies maid of the Countess of Marshwood, the […]

SLU3A Singers

In May we had a very enjoyable afternoon entertaining members of the Kibworth Methodist Fellowship.  Our meetings in June are on the 14th and 28th.  We will be taking our summer break in July and August so best wishes to everyone for a happy and hopefully warm summer.  Joy Swallow 01858 462368.